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The Many “Notoriously B.I.G.” Lies From Ilhan Omar; And The List Keeps Growing


The Many “Notoriously B.I.G.” Lies From Ilhan Omar; And The List Keeps Growing

In my view the so called Democratic Congresswomen who support the Palestinians and falsely claim to be Democrats are in reality members of a separate party which I will refer to as the PLO –   Please Leave Omar, Ocasio-Cortez and friends from America. And just like the Nazis who changed the Swastika from a symbol of peace into hatred, the same can be said of the Hijab Omar wears which originally stood for modesty. She  claims in a recent tweet –”To me, the hijab means power, liberation, beauty, and resistance.”

Nothing could be further from the truth, rather in my opinion her Hijab represents the following-

Hate, Israel, Jews, America, Bloch Dora =PLO

This past Shabbat in Israel, we read Parsha Shelach, while this same Parsha will be read again outside of Israel this coming Shabbat. In Shul after the Torah reading, the Rav made a very interesting observation during his Drasha. He said that there once was a gathering of roughly 150 people and the subject being discussed by the Rabbi was – How to prove the world is round. Suddenly, out of the whole crowd, one person stood up and said the world was flat. Instead of the Rabbi getting angry and arguing with this person who was not talking or thinking normally, the Rabbi continued his talk and ignored that person. Because he did not want that person to detract from the purpose of the talk and start a whole argument with this one person, when in fact he was speaking to the other 149 people who were thinking normally.

This week’s example from the PLO saying that the US is running Concentration Camps is so far from the truth, you wonder about the mental condition of the PLO supporters in Congress who are making such statements.  As the Rav said, just ignore those people and carry on with business at hand rather than argue with them. In fact these PLO Congress members are following the script of Yasser Arafat word for word as Arafat told everyone he wants peace. But in fact he wanted just the opposite and practiced Physiological Warfare.

There is no need to comment further on the first four letters of the Hijab and what the PLO members in Congress have done to confirm their meaning. But that last letter, which I have said means Bloch Dora does justify further comment.

Dora Bloch was among the passengers held hostage in Entebbe before the Israeli’s rescued them on a daring raid on July 4, 1976. During the raid, only three of the hostages lost their lives and the one soldier – Yonatan , Bibi’s brother, was also killed.

Dora Bloch should have been allowed to heal by the Ugandans, but instead was killed and her body was sent home in a coffin. Her murderers were connected to the Palestinian Liberation Organization headed  by Yasser Arafat.

The current PLO members of Congress follow those ideals of Arafat and have no intention of seeking peace with Israel or Jews. Their actions, speeches and all other ideals they support are evidence of this.

The lies and deceit they have said against the Jews and Israel continue to this very day.  I want to enlighten you on one of the statements PLO member Omar said when she first began her term that Israel practices Apartheid, which is also a big lie.

Until Nelson Mandela became president, Apartheid was the law of the land. Here are some of the features of Apartheid you may not have been aware of –

No black was allowed to vote

No black was allowed on the same bus as whites and there were separate bus stops for blacks and whites.

No black was permitted to marry a white and they were punished if caught together.

There were separate entrances in certain shops for blacks and whites .

Blacks were denied the same educational opportunities that whites had therefore most blacks had simple, low paying jobs.

No blacks could live in the same areas designated for whites

And of course no black could hold any government position.

In the school system, black children were not learning their native language and that was one of the major reasons they rose up together as a group and marched in the township of Soweto just outside of Johannesburg on June 16, 1976 or less than one month before the Entebbe Rescue. At one stage the children were challenged by South African Police and when the children began throwing stones, the police responded with live ammunition. Many children died that day and pictures of dying children were broadcast all over the world. The Soweto Riots had a lasting impact, and international reaction was swift.  Many say the pictures of those dying children marked  the beginning of the fall of Apartheid.

And when it came to hospitals, no black could be treated at white hospitals.  For a very interesting article describing hospital care under the Apartheid regime, I encourage you to read the story that appeared in the Chicago Tribune by Tom Masland in January, 1988 entitled “Apartheid Infects South African Hospitals”.

To fully, understand what Apartheid meant, you had to be there to see it, not condemn Israel like Omar did based on some unsubstantiated stories she heard from her grandfather, which she announced  when she stood up in front of Congress.

I chose to marry and live in South Africa because I loved my wife and not Apartheid, and my wife wanted to live by her family. Luckily we were white, because had I married a black or even was seen with a black I could have been attacked by whites in Johannesburg, like I almost was driving down one of South Africa’s streets named DF Malan Drive. It was night, when we were first married and my wife was wearing a scarf as  married religious women do to cover their hair as a form of modesty. Suddenly, a car shines its bright headlines and speeds up behind us overtaking us, and two white men in the front take a close look at who I am driving with the in the front seat. Had she been black, I hate to think what would have happened to us. Many black women also wear scarfs so these men were making sure my wife was not one of them.

Perhaps the most shocking experience I had during those Apartheid years happened a few years later. I was helping my wife put our children to sleep, we lived in an apartment building on the corner of a quiet street in the suburb of Yeoville. At that time it was the center of Jewish religious life in Johannesburg. From our second floor, I could see the street very clearly. Suddenly, I heard a few shots which were clearly gunfire, and I ran to see what had taken  place right next to our building. There was a Police Van, and a policeman was trying to calm down a black woman whose husband or boyfriend or other relative had just been shot by that policeman.  The woman was screaming hysterically for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes her screaming continued. The policeman just tried calm the woman down. The white policeman made no effort to save the life of the black man who he had just shot.

I could not understand what she was saying in her native language, but it was clear she was pleading with the policeman for help to get an ambulance to come help save this man.  No ambulance ever showed up because the policeman could not call an ambulance in the white area to help a black man because there were no hospitals in the white area where we were living to treat blacks.

So after more than an hour, when the policeman was certain the man was dead, his limp body was thrown into the back of the police van and it drove away. No news broadcast covered it since it was forbidden for the news media to go into any area without government approval.

And so here is proof not only Omar is lying about Israel practicing Apartheid but in fact it’s the exact opposite way around because I experienced it myself.

I was admitted to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital as I had chest discomfort, so I was placed into the Emergency Room. The Cardiology Unit was full at the time and the Cardiologist wanted me to undergo  a series of tests . I would need to stay in the hospital overnight,  but the problem was the cardiology unit was full and no beds were available. I therefore had to spend the next day and a half; that’s at least 36 hours, in the hallway of the Emergency Room because the Cardiology Ward was full. And who was occupying many of those beds, of course Palestinians and Arabs.

And to add insult to injury, while waiting with my wife for the Dr. to come examine me, suddenly, in the bed next to me an Arab patient arrives with many relatives  also wearing  a Hijab. Normally the Arabs keep their distance from us, but this time one of the Arab women was looking for a spot to stand right next to my bed and I could not believe it. Why would she want to stand by me when her relative was many feet away in the next bed, and then suddenly I found the answer.  I looked at the spot she was heading for and realized my wife’s purse was open and her wallet was exposed. So I quickly grabbed my wife’s purse and just as quickly that Arab woman disappeared.

To put it another way, the Arabs and Palestinians are constantly in Israeli hospitals seeking medical care, and yet Omar calls that Apartheid.  Another shining example of how uneducated Omar is in many areas that she decides to comment on. And she had the nerve to broadcast to the world how unfair Israel is, when she herself is the culprit.

I recently heard a story that took place during the times of the bus bombings here that an explosion took place on a Tel Aviv bus. Many casualties resulted and the nearest hospital to treat the victims was becoming over crowded with all the severe injuries the Israeli’s suffered. Suddenly, in the Emergency Room,  many policemen show up escorting a severely injured person, who turned out to be the suicide bomber himself.

Without hesitation, the emergency room staff worked on that bomber the same way as the other emergencies in that room. After it was all over, the head of the department invited the staff to drink a L’Chaim. No not because of what happened, but because the department head told them we are all Israelis who work in the Medical field and our jobs demand that we make every effort to save lives.

Having said all that, had Dora Bloch been treated the same way as every human being deserves to be, perhaps she would have survived and been reunited with her loved ones a few days after the Entebbe Raid.

It bothers me that Minneapolis remains the terror recruiting capital of the US and Omar is doing nothing to stop it. It’s like no one in Congress cares but is supporting her ideals of Cair.

It also bothers me that Omar had broken the law, refuses to admit it until an Investigation  confirms her guilt, and she goes unpunished for her actions, except a token fine when the whole investigation costs taxpayers tens of thousands of US dollars

It bothers me that in the Parsha we read this week in Israel Shelach clearly says those Jews who believe negative reports about the land of Israel will  be punished and yet I see so many Jews in Congress supporting the PLO which boils down to the same thing.

It also bothers me that Democrats continue to support those PLO members who have destroyed the ideals of the Democratic Party that many great Politicians before them fought so hard to defend and uphold.

I have said it before and will say it again that those PLO members of Congress should be kicked out immediately and given the news stories now making the rounds that Omar has filed false claims regarding her marital status, she should be the first to go.

In fact now that Omar has been proven to be a liar, many times over, perhaps Congress can take action to remove her immediately-

Just like the children of Soweto did to begin the fall of Apartheid .

Just like the IDF did to rescue the hostages at Entebbe

Just like those brave passengers on Flight 93 to save the Congress Building with the call “Let’s Roll”

And just like Rabbi Goldstein who yelled out after the attack on Chabad of Poway  “Am Yisrael Chai”

This would tie in beautifully to the date of August 12 I mentioned in my previous Blogs.

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