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Picture it, if you will, The Obama Presidency:

An unparalleled time of peace, prosperity and brotherhood. A moment that saw the lion and lamb frolic gaily in the meadows, singing songs of jolly and joy. Brother ceased fighting brother, and all sat around the same table in contentment. Shia and Sunni embraced, and Palestine set down her weapons and agreed to live side by side with Israel.

Such a magical world.

A pity that such a vision exists only in the mind of Joe Biden.

While addressing a J Street event several days ago, Biden lambasted President Trump’s Middle Eastern policy and claimed that it out Israel in danger. He continued by stating that he would open up dialogue with the Palestinians once more, and that he would rejoin the Iran nuclear deal. Such moves, in his warped mind, would make Israel and the Middle East safer and more secure.

Listening to such nonsensical musings, one is left wondering about the stability of Biden’s mental state.

A slight refresher: President Obama and Vice President Biden oversaw a period of utter strife and discord in the Middle East. They betrayed long standing allies and sat back as the region burned. They got involved halfheartedly in Libya, only to leave the country to collapse into pieces. They painted ‘red lines’ in the Syrian sand, only to back down when Assad continued to gas his own people. To add insult to the murdered and maimed, the Obama administration then gave its blessing as Russian and Iranian forces entered Syria and rescued the Assad regime from the dustbin of history.

The Iran nuclear deal, pushed by President Obama and Vice President Biden, was a ridiculous deal that only delayed Iran’s nuclear ambitions. So desperate for a quick fix to the problem, the Obama administration bent the knee to the Ayatollahs and gave them everything they wanted. Included in this capitulation was the delivery of billions of dollars to the terrorist regime based in Tehran. With their coffers full of cash, Iran continued to export their ‘revolution’ throughout the region. Iranian proxies in Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon were empowered and emboldened. Iranian militias ravaged cities, villages and towns in Syria. And the leadership of the country continued to voice their plans to eliminate Israel.

When it came to the Israel/Palestine issue, the Obama administration’s policy was likewise disastrous. The Palestinians continued to employ their played-out tactic of being intransigent. They rejected anything and everything presented to them, and a new wave of Palestinian terrorism washed over Israel. Stabbings and car ramming became the new normal, with Prime Minster Abbas and his lackies calling for blood and martyrdom. Instead of standing up to this nonsense, President Obama and Vice President Biden did nothing. They stood by and allowed the Palestinians to vent their ire and bile as they pleased. Internationally, as the United Nations sought to push resolutions denying Jewish history and heritage in Jerusalem, the Obama administration nodded in silent approval and allowed the motion to pass. The ultimate slap to not only Israel but to the Jewish people as a whole.

With this sort of track record, it is curious to see Joe Biden mouthing off against President Trump and his Middle Eastern policy. All things considered, President Trump’s agenda has been a resounding success, especially when compared to the nightmare the Obama administration left in the region.

How can one underestimate the immense significance of President Trump’s moving of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? After decades of dillydallying, President Trump fulfilled the long-promised move despite the naysayers warning of impending doom. The worst-case scenarios never manifested, the streets did not run red with blood, and the irrefutable reality of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel was solidified.

While the Palestinians continued to reject everything presented to them, the Trump administration decided to teach them a lesson in humility. For years, the Palestinians have rejected every peace proposal brought to them. Instead of making counter offers, they unleashed wave after wave of terrorism against Israeli civilians. While milking the international community for funds, the Palestinian leadership filled their own pockets and whatever was left was distributed to convicted murderers in Israeli prisons. Such a reality was and is unbearable, and so the Trump administration decided to stop rewarding Palestinian obstinance by halting US aid to the Palestinians. A move Prime Minister Abbas and apologists are still kvetching about.

Making his stance clear during his election campaigning, President Trump entered office promising to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal. He did as he promised, and he made sure that sanctions remained on the pariah state. As a result, the Iranian regime’s strangle hold on the region has waned. The ordering of the assassination of arch terrorist Qasem Soleimani further dealt a well-earned blow against the Iranian regime, crippling its international network of slaughter and mayhem.

With the Iranian threat weakening, several Gulf Arab states saw an opportunity to further change the region. The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain decided to put aside age old hostilities and extended their hands in peace towards Israel. A welcomed move, since the last peace treaty between an Arab state and Israel was signed in 1995. Such moves ran counter to the established narrative that a wider Middle Eastern peace was impossible without solving the Palestinian situation first. Luckily for those who want peace without relying on Palestinians abandoning their rejectionist stance, more Arab-Israeli peace deals are rumored to be on their way.

A truly new and peaceful Middle East is emerging, a reality fostered by the Trump administration. Those who actually care about the betterment of the countries and peoples of the Middle East should keep this in mind when they cast their ballots in November. Yes, President Trump is crude and crass. And yes, his rants on Twitter are not presidential in the slightest. But his actions speak much louder than his words, and these actions have helped lay the foundations of a more peaceful world. A Biden presidency would rehash the mistakes of the Obama administration, mistakes he now touts as successes. His opening his arms to the Palestinians would only give them cause to stand their ground more firmly, and they will continue to reject peace while suckling up American dollars to fund their pockets and their never-ending jihad. Biden’s Iran policy would lead to regional instability, as the Iranian regime would use the deal to get many concessions from the West. Once appeased, the tentacles of Tehran will dig deeper into Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon. And then the region will be set aflame once more.

One would think that Joe Biden would have learned from the mistakes of the Obama years. Sadly, his policy ideas show that he will simply mirror the failures of the past instead of trying to build on the success of the Trump administration. In a sign of pure senility, he looks back on his past and sees a utopia that never was. For the future and betterment of the Middle East, the American voter must not buy into this fable. Doing so will only drag the Middle East back into the darkest days of tribalism, sectarianism and near constant warfare.

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