The Media vs. The Truth

Long ago, it was acknowledged that in time of war the first casualty is the truth. Not so long ago I remember that CBS’s Mike Wallace was caught by Israeli security forces paying a young Arab to throw stones during the First Intifada.  Obviously he and CBS couldn’t wait for a formal declaration of war to clobber the truth with their own brand of reporting. Insofar as CBS’s 60 Minutes was concerned the end product manufactured by their “in house” self-hating and anti-Israel Jew was kosher enough for consumption by its viewers.  Neither CBS nor Wallace was punished by the Israeli authorities for fabricating an incident demonizing Israel that received global coverage.

Just last week, NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin became notorious after declaring that a terrorist shot dead by Israeli soldiers had nothing in his hands. He was corrected live on air by his own anchorman because the tape showed the terrorist clearly running with a knife in his hands. At least this reporter was not a self-hating Jew; he was an Arab. Lucky for us, the anchorman was neither. Again, no legal action was taken. Just days ago, a video showed an Israeli soldier being struck by a female official of a UN agency; again demonstrating to Israel’s enemies, armed with cameras and foreign passports that they have Israeli government issued flak jackets of insulation against any form of retribution for transforming cheap Palestinian Arab public relation stunts into anti-Israel media extravaganzas.

This state of affairs can be directly blamed on a Knesset renowned for its intellectual ossification and ideological mortification, whose priorities run contrary to Israel’s national interest.  Case in point: recently, an Israeli patrol on the West Bank, dressed in combat gear, were being tracked by a European reporter accompanied by a Palestinian Arab cameraman.  An altercation ensued where the camera was thrown to the ground and unfortunately the two weren’t.  This was all being filmed by a third party who obviously, like many in the Knesset, was not a member of any known Zionist party.  Unlike dealing with the anti-Israel hirelings of CBS, NBC and the UN, the authorities flew into action.  The army commander of this unit was reprimanded and forced to resign his commission, and the others faced a court martial.  For all intents and purposes, the foreign media was able to wipe out the Israeli patrol, if not in body but in spirit. Our soldiers who are being shot, knifed, fire bombed, stoned, and run over on a daily basis where thrown under the wheels of a bus at the behest of felons, draft dodgers, anti-Zionists, outright traitors and jailbirds, without asking these questions:

  1. Who licensed the journalists to be in a war zone in the first place?
  2. Was their presence part of a provocation to be filmed by a second camera?
  3. Could there presence and what followed have attracted the attention of terrorist snipers?
  4. How on earth would their presence have benefitted Israel?

However the most important question to be asked is: How fast to drop all disciplinary actions against these soldiers, restore them to the ranks, and compensate them with the 3 ½ % raise the Knesset voted themselves?

This Knesset has proven itself to be an Ottoman sultan’s dream and a Herzlian nightmare. Ali Baba had only 40 thieves. The Knesset has almost three times as many.

About the Author
Daniel Levinson is a U.S. Navy veteran, veteran of the Yom Kippur War, combatant in the terrorist raid of Nahariya, and the father of two reserve officers in the Israeli Army.
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