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The Messianic Dimension in Zionism

First of all, I would like to express my great compassion for the hostages in Gaza and the victims of this horrible war! May the hostages be release as soon as possible and may justice Peace prevail in Israel and in the Middle East!

Now, in great appreciation of Zionism, I would like to discuss its Messianic dimension. The Movement of Zionism is full of great heroic deeds, dreams, hope and dramas. As a result, the government of Israel was established and now Israel is, on the one hand develops successfully and blossoms, but on the other hand, struggles for its full Jewish identity! The formation of the government of Israel, however, is the first part of the story of Zionism, developed in the Kabbalistic Worlds of Asiyyah and Yetzirah.

The second part of the story is the unfolding of Zionism in the higher spiritual World of Beriah! For this purpose, the Jewish people in Israel, and all over the world, have to activate the Messianic dimension in Zionism. This requires a new Purpose and a new spiritual paradigm for action. Describing some important features of this new paradigm is the content of  this Post. In a sense, this Post is a continuation of the previous Post – The Need for Opening of the Second, Messianic, Front, from 29/12/2023.

The Messianic dimension in Zionism is connected with the New Exodus of the Jewish people and the Diaspora to the reality of the Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle. This Exodus will be led by the Light of the Integral Messiah, which is the Light of the whole Messianic Line in the new cosmic cycle (please see, the published Post from May 9, 2023). In quite of few Posts, I discuss the Coming of Messiah and meeting the New Comings of the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine from the outgoing Indo-European cosmic cycle. Their New Coming form the structure of the Heavenly-Jerusalem civilization with a New Heaven and a New Earth, where the New Enlightened Humankind will live. Thus, the visions of the great Prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, St. John and others (described in the Post, The New Reality and Celestial State on Earth, from December 21, 2022) will be fulfilled!

As to the most sensitive question about the Coming of Messiah, I, and our international spiritual group, received the Initiation for this glorious event (please see, the Post, An Initiation into the Coming of Messiah, from April 20, 2023). Now, of course, all awakening Souls could receive this Initiation and work for the Real Manifestation of Messiah on Earth, i.e., in the Worlds of Yetzirah and Asiyyah, as it is describe in the following Posts from April 28, and May 04, 2023.

The journey to the new reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem will reinforce the Mission of the Jewish people envisaged by G-d. By its very essence Israel, the Land of Israel, the role of the Jewish people, Mount Zion have deep Messianic meaning. The prominent contemporary Kabbalist Rav Michael Laitman explains in one of his videos (07.2016): What does being a Jew mean? – To be one who works to unite all separate parts of humanity into one whole; Who is Israel? – It is those who embody the meaning of the word Yashar-Kel, i.e., those who go “straight to the Creator” as the unifying power in reality; What is the Land of Israel? – It’s the path of common purpose between us; What is the role of the Jewish people? – It is to be a “light unto the nations.” That is, to give an example of unity to the world. 

When the Journey to the Holy City of Jerusalem is successful, then the words Israel, the Land of Israel, the role of the Jewish people and Mount Zion will manifest their deep Messianic meaning! For instance, Mount Zion would signify the essence of the Sacred Mountain in Creation. In various religions its name is different – Mount Zion in Judaism, Mount Kailas in Hinduism, Mount Meru in Buddhism, the High Mountain in Christianity, the Mountain of Truth in Islam, but the meaning is always the same – it is highest level of cosmic consciousness from where one could contemplate the whole of Creation. Then the Temple Mount will be the holy place where the Temples of all religions (connected with the new Messianic Line) will be build metaphysically and will form the sacred central square for all of humankind in the spiritual reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem on Earth!

Of course, the nations will keep their identity, uniqueness and individuality, but all of them will live in peace, harmony and mutual understanding, because the Living G-d will be with them! Then, in the coming new reality all hate, antisemitism and negativity towards the Jewish people will cease, because humankind, led by Jewish people, has to fulfil successfully its Divine Mission – establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth and bringing the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem, with a New Heaven and a New Earth, on our beloved planet!

So, the meaning of Zionism in the World of Beriah, in the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle, i.e., the Messianic Zionism, is:

a) an ascent of the whole of humankind to the reality with a Hew Heaven and a New Earth;

b) meeting the New Comings of the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine;

c) receiving the Blessings of the Integral Messiah;

d) appreciating the Mount Zion as the top of the Sacred Mountain.

It is obvious, that the activation of the Messianic dimension in Zionism will change the Ethos of Israel and the main structures in the Government, including its politics and functioning. Moreover, Israel could become like headquarters for the Exodus of the whole humankind to the reality of the Heavenly-Jerusalem civilization. Then, of course, the nations in the world will happily accept this Zionism and will follow the guidance of the Jewish people to the higher worlds!

Definitely, it is time to shift the concept of Zionism from actions in the Worlds of Asiyyah and Yetzirah to the ‘Messianic Zionismin the World of Beriah, which guides the Path of return of humankind to the Kingdom of God! Otherwise, humankind is dumped to destroy itself and its civilisation! For sure, the coming future generations will never forgive us this apocalyptic crime!

So, let us stop acting from the reality of Asiyyah and Yetzirah and accept the Messianic Zionism in the World of Beriah, which aims at salvation of the Jewish people, all nations on Earth and the Earth itself with the Kingdoms of life on it! Let us rise our consciousness from the contemporary ‘Babylonian type of civilisation’ in the material world to the level of cosmic consciousness in the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle of evolution! Thus, eternal peace, love, joy and mutual understanding will prevail on Earth! So, Be It! Amen!

About the Author
Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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