The Middle Beast

We all know that the land and dunes of Gaza
will never sing to the hand and tunes of Haza.

Once upon a time
we drank water with lime
surrounded by stones of lime
in Beirut, the Paris of the Middle East.

Today the face of Beirut is marked with thunder
so many people looked for plunder
the leadership went Down Under;
no wonder why there is no feast
for Alice in the belly of the middle beast.

Will Lebanon experience a renaissance?
The land has been abused; it is so war-torn.
Can the people be contacted by Renée’s seance?
Are we waiting for Lebanon to be reborn?

Lebanon is no longer innocent;
but she still has that reminiscent of past oil scent.
When she looks in my eyes, I say,
“My bride, come with me from Lebanon”
let’s dance and eat a watermelon.

Solomon was given many valuable gifts by Queen of Sheba;
more valuable than the grains in the barns of the farms of Shebaa.

climb down from your tree and you will see
larger gifts served to you off the shores of your sea.

remember Solomon told you, “climb down from Mount Hermon?”
do I have to remind you of the ‘Mount Sermon’?

Blessed are the peacemakers;
because they are not heartbreakers.

show me your real beauty;
show me your true beatitude
higher than Hermon’s altitude.

Solomon shouted as loud as he could from the top of Hermon,
“Sheba, what is the purpose of mankind?”
And the mountains of Galilee echoed back
Kind man, kind man, kind man…

the time of the singing has come
join us, you are mostly welcome.


Lebanese singer Cyrine Abdelnour is singing “Law Bas Fe Aini” (If he looks in my eyes). Once upon a time Beirut was known as the Paris of the Middle East (The French Riviera of the Middle East). Will Lebanon experience a renaissance; a come back to past glory?


The poem can be read in this PDF (click here): The Middle Beast. Middle Beast

About the Author
From London, Britain, Benjamin Kurzweil is sharing his interest in storytelling and comic pun style poems - with a Jewish twist.
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