The Murdering Media

It is difficult to ignore the symbolism. A dead Palestinian, knife in hand lies still and unmoving. Blood soaks the ground around him. Shot after he plunged his dagger into the back of an Israeli soldier. He is still clothed and wears the attire of a journalist. The word “Press” is visible on his T-shirt along with a badge that dangles loosely around his neck. Many argue that international media has been doing just this for years, and only now, because of the nature of this current terror wave, can it be seen for what it is.

Those who are vigilant are no strangers to the negative, biased and one-sided reporting of any conflict that involves Israel. Every altercation is underscored with the presumption that Israel is the aggressor and that whomever she fights is the underdog and is in need of sympathy. Israeli children and parents and teenagers and worshipers are rarely given a thought. The focus instead is awarded to Israel’s reaction to the event or to the families of the perpetrators. These “victims” are the ones who are lost their loved ones and are soon to lose their homes.

It has been this way for years and the current conflict looked initially to be no different. BBC kicked off the game and led with the headline focusing on Palestinian deaths, ignoring the loss of innocent Israeli lives. CNN took the ball and speaks of Joseph’s Tombs that simply burns, rather than acknowledge the Palestinians who set it aflame. While, MSNBC in attempt to take it over the line had their reporter on the scene speak of a shot “Unarmed” Palestinian. The only problem was that unknown to the reporter, the TV screen had been split and whilst he dribbled his way forward with this lie, the other half of the screen showed a reality not aligned with this fiction. The terrorist was indeed armed with a knife and his version of the “Truth” became too obvious to ignore. He landed up scoring an own goal.

Many past conflicts have taken place outside our field of reference. The fact that Israel invaded Gaza as a result of the relentless rockets and the murder of three young boys could easily be ignored in the face of images streamed from a city under siege. Only “Approved” journalists were allowed to enter and the reporting strictly controlled. The result was falsehood in that if anything was disproportionate, it was the view of a war that sympathised only with the Palestinians. The narrative was one that was dictated by Hamas and transcribed by an all too willing media.

Only now things are different. It has taken the global press a few weeks to wake up to a new reality. The wave of terror is being recorded. Be it by street-cams or personal video, by TV journalists or by the terrorists themselves, the horror on the streets of Israel is visible one click away. Facebook bares testimony to the reality and the affront is relentless. Like it or not, any version and any report can be judged and assessed against a real version.

It is further, on Facebook and Twitter that the sinister reality of the Palestinian “Education” and propaganda are exposed. Lessons as to how to stab a Jew, the glorification of murderers and the relentless stream of anti-Semitism is now accessible to everyone. And to ignore it is to deny an essential aspect of this story.

Slowly international media is waking up to this reality. No longer able to operate unchecked, many are step my step starting to report a version that is closer to the truth; something rare in the past. Fox News has remained steadfast in its support while the likes of BBC, CNN and many others, chafe, buckle and grudgingly acknowledge that this time, maybe, there might just be another side to this story.

The South African media, notoriously anti Israel is no different. Whilst some began coverage of this chapter describing only Palestinian frustration and death, and not once mentioning the Israeli loss of life as a result of the terror, now appears to be slightly schizophrenic, as article after article flip flops from support to defamation of Israel and then back again.

Facebook is gruesome. Twitter is aggressive and scary. The violence and terror depicted on their pages is nauseating and heartbreaking. But it is well worth acknowledging the critical role that they play in keeping the global media somewhat honest as regards Israel reporting, when the temptation to do otherwise is so strong.

About the Author
Howard Feldman is a lawyer, a physical commodity trader by industry and a writer by obsession. He is very active in the Jewish community and passionate about our world.
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