The Nazi Founder of Palestine

The short true story of Hajj Amin al-Husayni

Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history, and religion.

These were the words of the man, who Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) sees to this day as the founding father of Palestine. A man who was appointed an SS General by Heinrich Himmler in 1943 after creating the 13th Bosnian Waffen Mountain Division and was responsible for the murders of hundreds of thousands of Jews. A man who spoke openly about the similarities he saw between Islam and Nazism. A man who insisted on the Jews of Romania, Bulgaria and other parts of Europe be sent to their death and not let into Palestine — while there was still a chance to only have them expelled and not murdered in gas chambers and burnt in the crematoriums of Auschwitz. A man who stood in the way of rescue operations of Jewish children, instigated, promoted, and led the genocide of hundreds of Jews in and around Palestine, and wanted to kill the entire population of Tel-Aviv by poisoning its only source of drinking water in 1944. A man who copied the Nazi Germany model of child soldiers and filled the hearts and minds of Palestinian children with radical racial hate and anger. A man who, despite being on the list of War Criminals was never punished for his crimes and was instead rescued by Great Britain from the Nuremberg Trials and met his old age in Beirut. A man whose unspeakable crimes against humanity, relation to Adolf Hitler, and life in Nazi Germany have been completely denied by the Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas in Gaza, and other Islamic radicals — who claim that the Holocaust did not exist, yet share the same desire as the Nazis to eradicate the Jews — a desire which, in no way, represents the desire of all Muslims — same as it never represented the desire of all Christians.

The Mufti and Hitler deciding the faith of Jews in 1941

It’s the Extremism, use of force, propaganda, and brain-washing, the hungry crowds in need of a leader, the fear of this very leader, and the lack of education that create and fuel such hate. And in the cases where there is no hunger — it is usually the hunger of others that brings wealth.

Despite the catastrophe, and the fact that they were refugees spread all over the world and repeatedly denied access to their historic land, the Jews never clanged to their refugee status, but moulded into their new countries and became supportive community members — who simply never abandoned their dream of Zion. And once they were finally able to return — they established infrastructure, trade, agriculture, and new communities through hard Zionist work — which attracted a migration of Arabs from neighboring countries into Palestine. When at the end of the British mandate, the Jews declared their independence in accordance with the Balfour Declaration, they were attacked from all directions (1948) and bravely won the war. Very sadly, as a result of the Arab-Israeli war and its consequences, many refugees (both Jewish people from Arab countries and Muslim people from Israel) have lost their homes — and while Israel agreed to accept all Jewish refugees into its land, and accepted many of the Israeli Arabs back too — the neighboring Muslim countries have refused to give a home to their Palestinian brothers and sisters, despite their wide and vast lands and shared first tongue.

A mention of the Balfour Declaration in the Times 1917

For the western world, to understand the real reasons for Hajj Amin al-Husayni’s hate towards the colonisers and the Jews and his fear of the Jewish religion re-establishing itself in Jerusalem — or his decision to join the Nazis, it would be beneficial to read about Prophet Mohammad’s (Hajj Amin’s remote ancestor) journey in Mecca and Medina — and discover how he chose to convince the locals of the legitimacy of Islam over previous (older) beliefs.

There are many things that western societies can not even begin to understand — that many Radical groups take for granted. For example, the concept of murder over shame upon the family, the practice of blood revenge, the idea of blessings to those who die while killing a non-believer, the idea that any member of the opposing side can be seen as a reasonable target — because men are fighters, women produce fighters, elders were fighters and children will be one day — which is a principle by which terror organisations legitimise their actions.

It would also help anyone curious about the Middle East to read about the evolution of the ancient cultures which have a profound influence on the region’s life to this day. And regardless of any findings — a key truth to remember is that it’s always the radicals of any religion or political party that create the challenges and hardships for humanity and spread hate. Can anything good be created by hate?

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