The need for unity in Israel

In most countries around the world, when there are elections quickly approaching, there’s divisiveness that is palpable in the given country. Of course the Israeli elections are approaching quickly and they are surely hotly contested. However I believe there’s an extra need for solidarity among not only the contenders no matter which party they represent, but also among Israelis themselves.

As Jews we are presently living in very challenging times. The level of anti-Semetism across the globe is as severe as it’s been since the 1930’s. There’s so much that must be done to combat this widespread issue, but at the least the Jewish people must stay united as one.

As the Torah says, “K’ish Echod B’lev Echod”. “We are like one with one heart.” This verse from the Torah was on full display when on Sunday Nir Barkat tackled a knife attacker. I cannot possibly think of a better anecdote that illustrates this point of unity and achdut.

In what other country, civilized or not would the Mayor of the capital city commit such an incredible act of selflessness? Let’s be clear – Nir Barkat is a hero and ought to be treated as one. His heroism ought to be exposed in the mainstream press, especially when Israel is being portrayed worse than it ever has been by the media worldwide.

Nir Barkat is deserving of our applause. He is a hero of the Jewish people and irrespective of one’s politics, should be treated like one. The story illustrates an important principle to the rest of the world.

That when it comes to Israel and the life of Israelis, the class that the person comes from is irrelevant. We are all looking to help one another – irrespective of whether it’s the Mayor of Jerusalem or just an ordinary citizen.

My message is that we must continue to unify up until and after the election takes place. Let’s not allow politics to get in the way of the broader and more important message. The world is against us. We must band together.

Am Yisrael Chai!

About the Author
Dr. Nadia Kiderman is a dedicated community activist involved in pro-Israel causes.
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