The Netanyahu-Bennett Snafu and Fallacy that the modern invading Israeli Settlers into Palestine have equal moral status to the ancient and indigenous Palestinians in Israel Proper. Just to actually say it demonstrates the opposite.

The Netanyahu-Bennett Snafu and their similar Orwellian fallacies of Rightist Hasbara that the rights of the ancient and indigenous Palestinians in Israel Proper are morally equivalent and have no more rights that the modern and invading Israeli Settlers into the Palestinian West Bank. Just actually to say it demonstrates the opposite.

Netanyahu and Bennett and the Right-Wing Habarists need to hear loud and clear:

That there is all the difference in the world between, on the one hand, an indigenous people, mainly the overwhelming percentage that had been the Palestinian population of Palestine—

And on the other hand people who have had no connection to the land for 2000 years—and who cross the Green Line for the first time in 2,000 years, over the past just 4 decades, behind the tanks and modern military machine of an powerful modern military and occupying state.

Do Netanyahu and Bennett have to be told this? Do they deny to themselves the obvious and patent truth?

There is all the difference between, on the one hand, continuous overwhelming indigenousness — including Palestinian indigenous habitation in what is now Israel proper —

and a modern military-propped- up settler invasion against a stateless and helpless and defenseless and poor and third-world and often destitute people, many refugees in camps, by a modern tanks and submarine and ultramodern air-force-and-infantry-equipped occupying and conquering modern state.

If one cannot see this, then it is moral blindness. It is the rationalization of force, might makes right, and brute conquest.

One the one hand, as in Ari Shavit’s recent book, Herzl’s movement displaced as many as they could on the West side of the line but there are still some left, and those Herzl’s movement didn’t kick out and only now a minority.

On the other hand, there was the post 1967 occupation and settlement movement of going in and taking over the land and people on the East side of the line too, but inevitably this time as an invading minority.

It takes appalling effrontery to compare these minorities: on the one hand, the true indigenous minority of the remaining Palestinians, the rest of whom were evicted from the West side of the line —

and on the other hand, those very Evictors themselves, who then are going on to cross the line to try to do the same evicting on the other East side of the line, but, with the vast majority of indigenous still there, the evictors this time on the second attempt still in the so-called “minority.”

Again, with respect, It takes considerable effrontery to compare these truthful (old and indigenous) and false (new and settling) demographic minorities —

In other words the difference between–

1. The old indigenous minority– meaning the still unevicted indigenous people on the Israel Proper side —


2. The new so-called “minority — these Evictors, backed by tanks, trying to evict the same indigenous Palestinians on the other side–but as the conquerors (and unable to evict them, inevitably — this time around — the minority conquerors.

Again, this Netanyahu claim takes an awesome about of chutzpah, effrontery, and audacity.

And patent illogic as well as deep psychological denial.

Just more of endless, hydra-headed fallacies of Right-Wing Pro-settlement Hasbara.

This is not about the legitimacy and sovereignty of Israel Proper. And let us hope the 2 states live together in peace and security and eventual mutual friendship and mutually beneficial economic, political, and cultural ties.

Rather, this is about Netanyahu’s obstruction of the peace talks.  And the Settlement Movement and the Right’s and longtime occupation and aggressive settlement expansionism on the last bit of Palestinian land.

And Netanyahu’s and Bennett’s attempt to ***equate*** — as “minorities”–  the *conquered* in Israel Proper with the ***conquerors*** of the West Bank: Is an elementary and insulting and disgraceful affront alike to rationality and clarity, human decency, basic common sense, and elementary political and social morality.

Right-wing Hasbara is deeply riddled with fallacies. One problem is that Right-wing Hasbarists — usually — only talk to each other so that they don’t see the depth of the sophistries and fallacies and excuses and rationalizations for settlement and conquest.

May truth, justice, clarity, and rationality overcome these right-wing obscurantisms, irrationalities and self-denials and decisively prevail —

In order to generate peace and security and normalcy and prosperity for both the peoples and states of  Israel and Palestine.

About the Author
James Adler was born in Kentucky, now works in university libraries, and feels especially and intensely bound up with the fate of the Jewish people in the last hundred years, especially the Shoah, the rise of Israel "out of the ashes," and the accidental and mutually tragic collision with the Palestinians in the early and middle of the 20th century, continuing through today. He is happily married and the father of two teenagers.
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