The New Arrival

Now that Mr. Kerry, much against the odds, has produced a baby out of what most had took to be a phantom pregnancy, what are its chances for survival in this big, bad world of ours?

The baby did appear somewhat reluctant to make its entrance at first. Perhaps it knew the time wasn’t quite right or the gestation period not fully to term. But $4 billion can easily induce one or two big contractions and, even though some aspects of a forceps delivery were apparent, birth was achieved in the end.

The next six to nine months will be crucial in the life cycle of this new arrival. With that in mind, an incubation chamber of sorts may become a necessity, a protective screen with which to filter out whatever dangers and threats lurk in the darkness beyond.   And of these, there will be many.

For this child to reach its maturity, that chamber must be able to cope with the full spectrum of hostile intents and agendas ranged against its fragile occupant. Similar infants, born previously to this conflict, were afforded no such isolation and so the onslaught of these powerful pathogens proved fatal in every case.

Maybe this time everyone will need to take much better care and ownership of what is still a very weak and vulnerable addition to the armoury of all those seeking peace in the Middle East.

I can’t see much getting past this type of barrier. But, if anything does, I guarantee it won’t survive for very long.

About the Author
Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .