The New Year

Is it me, or is the world falling apart? My world seems to be.

In Israel, we are being asked to place our trust in an agreement in which we have no part and yet if it fails will mean our demise. We are requested to ascribe to a voluntary disarmament pact, but no disarmament agreement has ever worked unless both sides feel that they have nothing more to gain. Iran certainly does not enter into this category. Having undergone one Holocaust, we are politely requested to ignore threats and claims that we are to be wiped off the map by the very self-same peace loving Iranians. And who is doing this asking? Why known other than a serial blunder who has wrecked everything and anything that he has touched. And the same man not only has caused havoc but in doing so has proven that he will not stand behind his allies or his word. We are being bullied and coerced into this awful situation.

This is how we are facing the new year.

But it is much more: the world itself is falling apart. Our climate is disintegrating in front of our eyes; we can no longer be sure what the weather will be and if we can survive it. The weather itself would be a cause of great unrest. But the unrest is here before the weather changes; there is mass migration, countries are falling apart -more and more of them are utterly ungovernable and have become rogue states. Chaos and mayhem reign supreme. World leadership, if it existed has nowhere to turn, even if it ever got his act together and offered meaningful help.

But where is the world leadership? Communism, capitalism and now democracies have utterly failed and have become discredited. Democracy, which sought to give the optimum to the maximum has ended up satisfying nobody and disappointing everybody. Europe, the testbed of democracy is a failed experiment. The currency arrangements that epitomised along with open borders the market experience has failed completely. Open borders have proved themselves to be a farce which will be rectified by the renewal of strict border controls. In place of democracy, the age of reason government we are now seeing the politics of passion and commitment were vocal and motivated minority are calling the tune. The leadership in Hungary, the recent Labour Party victory of Jeremy Corbyn, are the harbingers of a new political fundamentalism which is as abhorrent as the religious fundamentalism we are also witnessing.

Our climates have changed, our way of governing has changed, our countries have changed, our alliances have changed and with them our ability to foresee the future. The problems we face are enormous and increasing incrementally. Our ability to make choices and to hope for a gradual, sustained change has all but disappeared. With so many problems and diminishing solutions we can only assume and fear that revolution is at hand.

Happy New Year.

About the Author
Born in Leeds in 1944, Michael Benjamin is a retired Psychiatrist and medical auditor, co-founder of Oranit, aspiring author and inveterate cynic.
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