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The news how I see it

I may have a different take for you on some of the most recent news stories.

Release From Jail?

The murderer of PM Rabin requested a furlough from his life sentence to be at his son’s bar mitzvah. Permission was denied. In the present climate of hatred for the sitting PM and division, that would send the wrong signal.

A severely abused woman asked a pardon from the life sentence she received for killing her abuser. It was denied. However, with our plague of women killed by relatives (not more than in other countries but in a Jewish State it should be less), that would actually send the right signal to bullies!

Reminds me of this veterinarian who gave a lift to a random hitchhiker. But as soon as he was in the car, he started to sexually assault the driver. The latter managed to convince him to let her drive them to her home where ‘he would be more comfortable.’ He allowed it and raped her in her home. Then she loaded him up on alcohol till he passed out and castrated him. She was a vet, remember? The message: Don’t fool was any woman. Maybe she’s a vet. True story.

The moral of the story: Don’t threaten any relative. She could kill you.

Yes, the idea that a woman could kill too’s very scary for straight men. And sexism makes that they care less that all women are scared for their lives.

Flying Cars?

Tired of waiting in traffic jams? The future is (almost) here with a new car that can fly like a dream. As soon as the streets clog up, you only need an enormous free stretch of a highway to take off. Which you don’t have.

Reminds me of this guy who invented instant water. Very handy for desert treks. Just reconstruct it with fluid and you have water again.

Stop Offending Muslims!

The issues are not at all a freedom of speech and that radical Muslims can but should not be violent. The issue is that no one should claim a right to offend. Since when is upsetting people a sign of great morals and culture?! Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do to you. Period.

Though I feel bad for Europeans, Europe prepare the ground for decades: local anti-Muslim sentiments and racism, but allowing Hezbollah assaults.

Meat Plus Cheese Kosher?

Cloned meat is grown in labs from animal cells that are not recognizable to the human eye. So there is some reason to believe that this meat will not be qualified as meaty for Jewish Law. It is not yet clear what leading kashrut authorities eventually will rule, especially regarding the Injunction of mixing, cooking, and consuming milk and meat products together.

My prediction: They will not allow it. The separation between meat and milk is one of the most important kosher food rules. Cloned meat may taste and look exactly like meat harvested through murder. Permission would kill (pardon the pun) the backbone of the kosher kitchen.

How do I think so? There was a possibility to allow the use of electrical appliances for Shabbat because electricity is not really fire, their activity is mostly not for cooking, their operation is not really building, etc. However, the Rabbis ruled that when approving that, the whole character of the Shabbat would go, the quiet intimacy of sitting together without radio, TV, phones, or travel. And Jews would continue to live close to the synagogue. That conserving ruling asks sacrifices, but the rabbis thought it important.

However, not eating meat and milk together is no sacrifice at all. Some meals have butter and some will have meat, and never the two shall meet.

With a difficult stringency regarding Shabbat adopted, a hardly disturbing ruling to render cloned meat meaty will happen for sure. Mark my words.

Fake News on Purpose!

A couple of days ago, I shared a blog post explaining how Google, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook inadvertently created QAnon, hate groups, and myths.

But not all fake news comes into existence by coincidence. Here is a report on how it’s done professionally. You need to set up a place that gives 80% true stories for many months to create (false) trust. The intermixed lies then become believable by association. Everyone should read this report.

Crazy in Jerusalem

Destruction for a cable car project around and to the Old City of Jerusalem to facilitate a growing stream of tourists comes closer despite there being no tourists because of the pandemic, resistance by many, a pending appeal to the High Court of Justice, and common sense. Yet, proponents and opponents fight each other without ever mentioning the underground railway to the Old City under construction. Do you know why? Beats me.

Crazy in America

The US 2020 elections are still undecided. Even the Senate may be held by Republicans. That’s already a Trump win. Nothing disqualifies anyone from being elected, including being dead or a Hitler fan. I don’t believe that the American People are stupid or evil. I met too many of them. For me, this must mean that they are overwhelmingly naive, susceptible to anything from religious myth to Hollywood to UFOs to con artist presidents.

I wanted to submit that in my view, Biden is going to win comfortably. Why? Because most of the votes not reported yet are from mail-in voting and the big cities. The total result will show that there never was a head-to-head race. However, the Times of Israel is not “publishing predictions for the US elections at this point.” Therefore, we will all just wait and see.

But in any case, the above shows that also now, there is more to the news of the last 24 hours than just the US 2020 elections.

Submitted at 3 PM Israel time.

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