The next Final Solution: a US threat?

My multi-year blog, Antisemitism and Jewish Survival has, as the title suggests, many critics. The most persistent and long-term is a person who generally agrees in a next attempt at a “final solution,” but continually challenges me on technical grounds. My latest submission to JPost, An American Holocaust: Assessing the threat, proved no exception. 


it does not asses any threat… “your blog… just tells us that the threat comes from Matthew. But, when murderer is about to slain me, I’d like to know, when, wherefrom he comes and how is he armed and I don’t want to wait for him studying Matthew.”

DT: The question, “Philosopher”, is fair but amazes that it is even raised since so obviously and clearly described in my entire blogstream start to finish!

The “threat” is not Matthew 27:25 since that is but a single example of “Jew-as-pariah” in Christian scripture. And I’m amazed that somehow my long discussion of Christendom’s Jewish Problem does not set off any red flags? Or the abundant persistence of antisemitic stereotypes in Western culture, or the recent German project for a “final solution” to what: Why that same Christian theological Jewish Problem defined by Augustine in the Fourth Century in which he makes abundant reference to “Matthew” et al in his City of God, etc?


I drew a picture of how the West absorbed antisemitism from its religious history (retains it both as secular and religious today). Described how the “least” violent in expressing antisemitism to date country of the West, the United States, might easily have tipped into active persecution alongside Germany in the years before Pearl Harbor and Hitler’s declaration of war against that country. Recall my discussion of America’s educational and financial support for those who would become the active perpetrators of the Holocaust via American eugenics and Corporate America; Congress 1924 antisemitic legislation condemning European Jewry to the gas chambers; the Roosevelt Administration Holocaust policy of silent and passive “acquiescence,” to use the damning Treasury Department description of FDR’s policy in condemning Europe’s Jews to death. That non-Jewish Americans were consistently and overwhelmingly antisemitic in polling even after the war ended and Auschwitz was daily in the news; how the 2011 ADL poll of antisemitism reaffirms that two-thirds of Americans are TODAY described as “moderate” to “extreme” in their antisemitism polling scale, with excess of 50-million Americans described as “extremely” antisemitic!

I don’t know, “Philosopher”. Let me see. How can I better describe the threat which you seem to “feel,” but, as you write in your condemned comment, “when murderer is about to slain me, I’d like to know, when, wherefrom he comes and how is he armed and I don’t want to wait for him studying Matthew.” How’s about the general population among whom you comfortably live, that same populace with its long history of “philosemitism”? They didn’t actively send Jews to Auschwitz, right? And yes some there as in the rest of Europe sheltered a few Jews, but most either supported or were content, as the United States, to stand back and  observe lethal antisemitism rise and move unfalteringly towards Auschwitz and it six-million murdered Jews.

As to what means the next Holocaust will likely use to achieve its final, Final Solution? Technology has certainly come a long way since Zyklon-B. I suspect something far more efficient and less polluting of the environment. Perhaps relocation to a remote site which is then subject to a “neutron bomb” which is supposed lethal to humans but not the environment?

As to When? Your guess is as good as mine, “Philosopher”, and by accident of age you and I may be spared that particular end.

While this birds-eye view of a process of achieving the final, Final Solution to Christendom’s Jewish Problem may not satisfy your demand for “scientific precision,” something I suggest lacking also in much of “academic” historical narrative; I am not willing to water-down the point that the Diaspora is a death-trap for Jews by an abundance of theorizing buried beneath a mountain of statistics.

About the Author
David made aliya in 1960 and has been active in Jewish issues since. He was a regional director for JNF in New York, created JUDAC, Jews United to Defend the Auschwitz Cemetery during that controversy; at the request of Jonathan Pollard created and led Justice for the Pollards in 1989.