The next prime minister of Israel should be a Likudnik

Israel heads to the polls for the fourth time in two years on March 23rd, 2021.

As opposed to the last three general elections (April 9th, 2019, September 17th, 2019, and March 2nd, 2020), there is no unified Blue and White alliance to oppose Israel’s Likud, by far the country’s most successful national-liberal party. There remain only a plethora of mid-sized parties competing for votes, many of them led by dissatisfied former Likud party members. None of them who, on their own, pose a significant threat to the premier’s chair.

It remains to be seen how the post-election coalition wheeling and dealing will go, but at this point only one thing is clear to me: The Next Prime Minister of Israel should be a Likudnik.

With the Likud consistently polling in the vicinity of 30 seats, they are way out ahead of everyone else. Let’s be honest, it’s not even close.

Yesh Atid is next at 18.

New Hope has 13.

Yamina has 11.

Everyone else’s numbers are in single digits.

Nevertheless, nearly all of those very same polls indicate that current Prime Minister and Likud party chairman Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu may not be able to form a governing coalition after election day. This is due to his ongoing legal troubles, as well as the deep and widespread personal animosity harbored against him by nearly all of his political opponents.

If Netanyahu can’t form a functioning government after election day, the second person President Reuven Rivlin should task with forming the government should also be a Likudnik.

According to the results of the last internal Likud primary elections held in February 2019, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein should be given the opportunity to piece together a government if Netanyahu can’t.

The people of Israel have spoken time and time again and they have chosen Likud. A member of parliament from the country’s largest political party should be Prime Minister.

About the Author
Freeman Poritz is currently traveling long-term and observing Israel from afar.
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