The Obama Doctrine

The agreement between the USA and Russia calling for the elimination of Assad’s chemical weapons is neither a victory nor a failure for Obama. It is the clearest indication yet that the Obama Syndrome, a reluctance to take on the role of world policeman, has become the Obama Doctrine.

America has drawn itself a new red line. It can no longer afford, nor has the public backing to solve the world’s problems alone. By seeking to solve the Syrian crisis together with Putin and not at loggerheads, Obama is creating a doctrine that will replace the battle against the axis of evil with a new world order – an axis for diplomacy.

The Obama Doctrine marks an historical process and a fundamental shift in world order. It is a clear indication that not only Israel’s neighborhood that has changed, but rather the very nature of international conflict resolution. It is this new world order that Israel and its friends need to adapt to if they wish to guarantee the continued survival of the Jewish state.

By working with Russia and not against it, The Obama Doctrine marks a temporary respite in the return to cold war politics. It seeks to internationalize the process by which the world resolves it’s conflicts, and reduce the dependency on the US acting alone. The policy of a war on terror has made a 180 degree turn, today US policy is dictated by the terror of conducting a war.

As a nation, the US is suffering a collective form of post traumatic stress. The nightmare of Iraq has led to a ┬ásuspicion of it’s leaders, a greater suspicion of the intelligence community and a fear of unilateralism.

For an optimist,The Obama Doctrine marks a world working together to solve it’s problems. Only with Russia, they argue, will America stop the proliferation of non conventional weapons in Syria or Iran. Only when it becomes an interest of Russia, the argument continues, will Iran stop it’s nuclear development.

The difference between an optimist and and a cynic is that the latter has more information. Those who support the Obama Doctrine are naive. The Ayatollah’s of Iran, the Assad’s of Syria and even the Putin’s of Russia do not work by the same moral norms as the West. Russia maybe able to influence it’s allies, but is a stronger more influential Russia truly desirable? Is Assad really becoming Mother Theresa and handing over his chemical weapons? If the latest Israeli intelligence is right, much of it will end in the hands of fundamentalists in Lebanon or Iraq

Even more disconcerting, The Obama Doctrine strengthens the UN, rather than restructures it.

For Israel and many of it’s supporters, the Obama Doctrine would appear to leave only one conclusion possible. Israel cannot rely on America nor the International community to stop Iran.

Israel – you are alone.



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