The Old Arrangement


‘Soldier, 19, stabbed to death by Palestinian on bus.’                        Times of Israel: November 13, 2013

1. What could have caused this to happen?

A struggle that has experienced no fundamental changes in well over 65 years and two peoples who have endured a conflict still raging to this very day, one harbouring no mutual compromises nor the establishment of any form of justice worth mentioning.

2. What could have prevented it from happening?

An act violence such as this can trace its roots way back beyond the birth of victim and murderer alike, back to times where steps were not taken to address circumstances never quite understood.

Only some additional factor that might radically have altered the mindsets of the assailant and those of his peers could have likewise altered the course of this particular tragedy.

So, in the here and now, November 2013, have we any better understanding of conditions today than we did then?

Enough has been written, spoken, documented, photographed, filmed and argued about to encompass several lifetimes of study and debate. And yet the matter remains unresolved, its potency in no way dimmed, the dangers it presents even enhanced by advancements in military science, its direction ever at the mercy of power politics, a maze often deemed far too impenetrable for all but the most seasoned observer.

What the script calls for today is a ‘Deus Ex Machina, something right out of left field and with no connection to any events past or present.

In effect, this would be a blank sheet upon which to compose a future freed from the tyranny of so much that has gone before.

Or just continue on with the same old arrangement but don’t be too surprised when headlines similar to the one at the start of this entry crop up – as they have a habit of doing and in an all too frequent manner.


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Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .