Mahmoud Ghanim
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The only two happy guys in Israel

The breaking news of joint statement from Bibi Netanyahu and Benny Gantz agreeing to form an emergency government solves the awkwardness prevailing all the year after 3 elections and the fear of 4th elections, but it might make things more awkward since people were protesting in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu for the bad decisions he made to control coronavirus. The beautiful image the protesters draw filled all international media how they kept social media, made an atmosphere of celebration with songs in the time people missed the feeling of celebrating Pesach and Easter and will miss probably the atmosphere Ramadan. 

To congrats or to send condolences

The holocaust remembrance day comes to Israelis and the world with all the sadness of the case of curfew and shut down people who have friends or family members among the thousands in hospitals. Anger among the religious in Jerusalem and Bnei Barak, which is another for the same rightest religious to feel angry for Bibi did who his campaign’s slogan was a big strong right-wing is now finding a deal with his rival Benni Gantz to stay away from the corruption accusations. On the other hand, people who are protesting against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv if they are not religious are they Beni Gantz supporters? The answer is also no since Beni Gantz the 

Shattered their hopes when they voted for change and here he is remaining the case as it is by showing Bebi Netanyahu as the victorious prime minister. And leaving the blue and white party divided. The head of the joint list who backed Gantz to manifest the change gave a powerful speech about change and democracy, the crowds clapped for this but the next day the news of the agreement to dash their hopes to see any change in the soon horizon. 

What’s next?

Does easing the restrictions on movement will get the protesters busy, who protested during the curfew? Would the next emergency government function will and achieve their expectations? Would Israelis throw a wrench in their hopes of change? Would the next elections lead to a transformation? Mohammed Darawsheh the principle of Givat Haviva educational center said: people should now choose between the radical right-wing or the joint list. there is no grey area.

Even a very then strip of beneficiaries in the government and Knesset can receive the greetings, but only one or two are happy in Israel now. But how long this happiness will last? 

Are Bebi and Gantz are the best politicians Israel could produce? Do we change policies or we change the color of the ties? 

The smallest government ever

All the above questions come from a Palestinian peace activist who is seeing every chance for peace is having an abortion before it was even born to see the light. With all the frustration among a big category of Israelis, Bebi Netanyahu markets this coalition as the biggest government ever, while at the same time it excludes the other parties that Bebi was begging to make a coalition with as a drowning one clutching at a straw. To test how big this government is we ask does it even represent the divided blue and white party? Was that their campaign program who run 3 elections for? Are all the right-wing happy now? Is there any voice for the list that gives a glimmer of hope for a democratic civil country that stands the same distance from everybody? Having better relations from its next doors which are the Palestinians, or it will start a war every time there are elections or the prime minister feels threatened because of corruption accusations? 

The Palestinian future still ambiguous, their legal and political status still uncertain, they are citizens less especially for their neighboring country. Many questions arise while the sirens blow for the remembrance day of the holocaust. Yet the sirens of the memory is something we have to do. But the sirens of the attack is something we need to avoid.

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Mahmoud Ghanim, 29, Bethlehem/Palestine: a peace and environmental activist. A poet and writer part of Yala Young leaders for citizen Journalism a project of Peres center for peace and innovation, which connects young leaders from across the middle east and north Africa online.