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The Palestinian Playbook

Israel is fighting a war on several fronts, and I don’t mean just a physical war. No matter how you look at this, the end goal for the Palestinians is to erase our 3,500-year historical connection and existence to Israel (“From the River to the Sea”) and to Islamize Israel.  For years they have been destroying Jewish and Christian archaeological and religious artifacts in Israel.

The Palestinians continue to deny our long historical and biblical connection to Eretz Israel that was given to us by Hashem. One example that comes to mind is their continued hostile rejection rarely allowing Jews to pray on the Temple Mount in honor of the destruction of our Second Temple, which coincidentally sits below the al-Aqsa Mosque! That tells you that the Second Ttemple stood long before the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Archaeologists from Israel are repeatedly stating the Palestinians are damaging the remains that lay underneath the Temple Mount in another attempt to destroy our historical connection to Jerusalem and Israel.

Just recently, Palestinian rioters damaged Joseph’s Tomb (1400 BC) near Nablus.  In 2015, Joseph’s tomb was torched by Palestinian rioters. In October 2000, Rabbi Hillel Lieberman went to visit Joseph’s Tomb to inspect the damage inflicted by the Palestinians only to learn that his bullet ridden body was found in Nablus the following day.

Israel media sources reported that the construction of an illegal quarry in Area B of the West Bank by the Palestinians caused “irreversible” damage to an ancient aqueduct located between Gush Etzion and Jerusalem. The aqueduct was one of two used to fill Solomon’s Pools, a large reservoir from which water was funneled via other channels to the Temple in Jerusalem some 2,000 years ago.

In February 2021, Israel media reported that the Palestinian Authority turned a blind eye to the destruction of an altar from the Book of Joshua – a historical archeological site on Mount Ebal, in Area B. Palestinian laborers admitted they grounded stones taken from the site’s exterior wall and turned them into gravel to pave a road.

This is only a partial list. They have gone so far to desecrate the tombs of our Patriarch forefathers: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, and Lea in Hebron.

Besides the Muslims targeting Jews, they’re overtly hostile toward Christians pushing them out of once vibrant Christian communities in Nazareth and Bethlehem. Nazareth had the largest Christian population of 50,000 people in 1995 is now only 21,000.  The Christian population in Bethlehem slumped to 7,500 from a high of 20,000 in 1995. Looks like they’re running with track shoes to get out of Dodge rather than waiting to see their house burn to ashes.

As part their deranged plans to erase our connection to Israel, they groom their children to become martyrs committing suicide through Jihad terror in support of the Hamas/Islamic Jihad protocols. Just recently, the IDF uncovered documents from the Hamas headquarters in Gaza of evidence from both Hamas and Islamic Jihad that provides written instructions encouraging their youth to participate in summer camps to train and teach them to be terrorists. Some of the things they learn, are how to use weapons, tunnel warfare, how to transport explosives, train kids to go to the battlefield to assess the impact of a terror attack and report back to the terrorists hiding in tunnels and shelters, anti-tank combat and abduction of IDF soldiers.

In my previous post, I said the UNWRA cannot be trusted. Just recently, the IDF found rockets and other weaponry at the UNWRA headquarters in Gaza. Just today, I read in the media that Abdallah Mehez, a teacher at UNRWA who previously worked at BBC, told Gazan civilians to serve as human shields. In addition, in a telegram channel, they found 3,000 posts by UNRWA teachers expressing support for the October 7th massacre claiming Hamas terrorists as heroes and calling for the execution of hostages.

I know all of this is mind-boggling with the level of hate they direct toward Israelis, but I must continue to state the truth. Their demented minds filled with lies and hate permeate Gaza and West Bank without any positive achievements whatsoever.

In 2005, 9,000 Israelis, divided among 21 settlements, left Gaza gifting Gazans with thriving businesses. Israelis invested 38 years of hard work and sweat to create these successful income earning enterprises. Immediately upon their departure, all were demolished turning those businesses into dust that soon became havens for terrorists. I guess the Hamas global terror enterprise of dark money enabled them to replace that income with the lost income. But what about the everyday Gazan civilians who were not part of Hamas or Islamic Jihad? Did they have the chance to enjoy having a good paying job at any of these thriving businesses? Guess not. Now, I hear life is so good for Gazans that they’re disguising themselves as Israelis just to cross into Israel to work illegally. Sorry, that didn’t work but good try. These are the fruits of Hamas and Islamic Jihad ingenuity.

Until this war ends and my son is home, with Israel being victorious, I’ll continue to write in my blog speaking only the truth. Stay tuned for the next one.

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Ron Diller lives in Israel with his family of four children.
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