The Parisian Horse

The Trojan Horse refers to the ancient Greeks’ ploy to enter the city of Troy and win their ten year long war. The Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse, and hid a group of soldiers inside. Then they pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a trophy of their victory. That night, the Greek soldiers hiding inside the wooden horse, snuck out and opened Troy’s gates for the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of night. The Greeks entered and destroyed the Troy, ending the war through a legendary tactic of trickery.

In France today, there’s the Parisian horse. Rather than France opening the gates to let one huge monument in, they’ve cultivated a population some ten percent Moslems, allowed a beachhead to be established.  The community is growing and radicalizing before our eyes.  The attacks in Paris last week are merely symptoms of a phenomenon that’s growing, not going away, and spreading throughout Europe and beyond.

The problem, which is a global problem, is what to do.  First, one needs to call it what it is, Islamic terror.  Those who don’t, or make excuses by suggesting that the terrorists don’t represent Islam, are either foolish, liars, or both.  One doesn’t need a Parisian Horse in your midst to see that if it carries an AK47, and shouts “Allah Akbar” while shooting you or hacking your head off, it is an Islamic terrorist.

Once identifying the enemy, one must resolve to fight and defeat it. Any effort short of total victory against Islamic terror feeds the Parisian Horse and only makes it bigger, and more dangerous.  One must dispense of all sense of political correctness and fear about offending Islamic sensibilities and take the enemy head on.  And anyone who supports or harbors these terrorists, even if they are states such as Turkey and Iran, must be dealt with no less harshly.

It’s not the time to be silent or not confront this threat before it continues to get worse.  It’s not the time to avoid challenging fence sitters, people who might not think an all-out war against Islamic terrorism may be needed.  It’s not the time to let apologists for the Islamic terrorists off the ropes to think that they can keep making excuses for any number of “justifications” that they claim might be upsetting Moslems, and somehow justifying their violence and terrorism.  You can take your pick of any number of excuses; disaffected youth, cartoons of Mohammed, Israel, French colonialism, and the list goes on.  Nothing justifies or excuses an Islamic knee jerk reaction to commit terrorist acts, and anyone who says or implies otherwise, needs to be called on the carpet.

France today is decked out in signs expressing a range of feelings including solidarity. “Je suis Charlie” is everywhere.  Excuse moi?  The first attack on the magazine was part of a tag team effort that ended (hopefully it is over for now) with the attack on a kosher market.  Unfortunately, too many see the attack on the magazine as shocking and outrageous.  But attacking a Jewish institution whether it be a synagogue, grocery store, or school comes across as just being normal.  Sadly, it’s unrealistic to expect a country that’s allowed the Parisian Horse to grow and fester to express national solidarity with the Jews of France.

Unfortunately, France is a ripe target.  It has a history of appeasement of fascists and terrorists.  Remember Vichy France, where French collaborators practically rolled out the red carpet for invading Germans.  It’s probably not the first instance, but it’s definitely wasn’t the last. As Arab terrorists targeted France in the late 20th century, the French made a deal and paid off terrorists order to be granted reprieve from future violence.  Rather than a reprieve, this was like putting a big Arabic “Kick me” sign on France’s back.

The Parisian Horse is not a phenomenon unique to France, though France is the major leagues.  Several European countries have Parisian Ponies growing up right in their back yards, hosting infamous “no go zones,” where neither civilians nor law enforcement dare to go, and are governed by sharia law.  These are the breeding ground for future thoroughbreds, and the new Vichy France.

It’s unthinkable that any western country would abdicate control of its own sovereign territory to those who seek to destroy it from inside.  While France may be the major leagues, Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden – just to name a few – are up and coming “JV” players.  It’s no wonder that the head of British intelligence, MI5, warned that Britain is also at risk. He’s also forecast the threat extending to the US.

But to defeat Islamic terror, it requires a steadfast and unapologetic war against this insidious enemy.  It needs to be led by the US, but the US has trouble putting Islam and terror in the same sentence.  Britain, Germany and France need to shed their inhibitions and tackle this head on.  No more appeasement.  No more “no go zones.”  If you’re not with us you’re against us needs to be the mantra.

A week before the recent attacks in Paris, France joined several invertebrate countries of the world and voted to recognize the “state of Palestine” in the UN. It stretches the imagination as to how they could possibly entertain giving a gift on a silver platter of a new terrorist state next door to Israel, rewarding their terrorism and intransigence, without having to negotiate peace with or recognize Israel directly.

France’s ambassador to Israel explained this because Paris believes there is a need to take action to move the sides back to the table. Really? I wonder if there’s a correspondence to Britain also voting for the same UN resolution and feeling threatened today.  The growing Islamic extremist community there is almost as untouchable as that in France.  It seems that France is not content just to export wine.  They now export their Parisian Horse philosophy.  Maybe Britain doesn’t mind, but as an Israeli, I’ll pass. Please keep your gift horse to yourself.

In France, horse meat is common delicacy.  My suggestion is that France wake up and make horse meat of the terrorists in their midst.  Hopefully it’s not too late.

About the Author
Jonathan Feldstein made aliyah in 2004, married and raising six children in the Judean mountains. He is a long time Jewish non-profit professional and works closely with many Christians who support Israel.