The “peace fruit” that’s never ripe

The idea of there being a right time for something to happen is an utterly alien concept to Israelis.

We’re a people not known for our patience. If you wait in line in Israel you’ll be standing in the same spot forever watching the entire populace barge in front of you.

It was a hard learned lesson. If we were waiting for the time to be ripe for a state we’d still be sitting in the shtetls of our forefathers or the bazaars of the Middle East wondering when God will deem to make the time ripe for us to have a country of our own.

Were we to wait for the time to be ripe for the desert to bloom we’d still be sitting watching the Negev rocks waiting for food to grow there.

Israeli hi-tech?

Forget it; let’s wait until the time is ripe for technology.

Can you imagine?

Of course, this just isn’t us.

We’re the disruptive nation, a nation of builders, of fighters, of doers! We don’t wait for anything, we don’t wonder whether the time is ripe, we create the circumstances, we engineer the product and if, like electric cars, the time just isn’t right, well then, at least we tried!

But for some reason when it comes to peace-making with Palestinians the time needs to be ripe…and it never is. And we seem to be pretty fine with that. “Happy” to accept that we’re just not going to nurture the tree of peace to one day feast on the ripened fruit.

Fruit doesn’t just grow for us to eat, roses don’t just flower from nothing.

If you want to eat an orange you have to actively grow the orange tree, you have to plant the seeds, you have to nurture the sapling, you have to feed it, water it, make sure there is enough sunlight to nourish the plant but not too much.

Israelis should know, we make the best oranges in the world. We harvest fruits and vegetables for export to all corners of the globe, we know all about the meaning of the word “ripe” and anyone who ever worked on a kibbutz knows that sitting back and waiting for a crop just isn’t something you can do if you want to have something to harvest.

No farmer ever just sat back, did nothing and waited for his crop.

No farmer except Bibi the failed peace farmer. Perhaps that’s why he has no fruit ripening in the fields of hope.

About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada