The People Have Spoken

The people of Europe have indeed spoken and they’ve done it loud and clear. 25% of French votes going to the repulsive, vile Marine le Pen, 9% of the Greek votes going to Golden Dawn whose leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, is currently in prison awaiting trial on a charge of forming a criminal organisation! Look at the success being enjoyed by Nigel Farage and his UKIP members and supporters, despite the views of a number of the party’s candidates who showed themselves to be completely bonkers!

This was inevitable and I’m not jogging backwards  –  I have said for years that this European integration project would end in tears and, tragically, it looks like it’ll end in blood! ‘Blood’….’Rivers of Blood’….the ghost of Enoch Powell appears although in a different context, of course. He’ll be looking down (or some might say ‘looking up’) completely incredulous as to how the powers that be could have been so naive as to think that the European project would work and to not foresee what was so obviously going to happen.

Politically and socially, I consider myself to be to the right on some issues, eg law and order, and to the left on others, eg the need to run economies according to the mechanics of ‘the markets’ but in the context of a caring society (I was a fan of Margaret Thatcher but I did not agree with her alleged statement “There’s no such thing as society”). Now that my cards are on the table….Hitler showed the world what racists/fascists can do when the economy goes south and the country has within its borders people who are not ethnically rooted to that country. Those from outside can so easily be made scapegoats. Removing Europe’s borders created a ticking time bomb. Economies are cyclical animals….good times run into bad times which run into good times….It was only a matter of time before the racists would have their day.

The founding fathers of European Union were naive dreamers. They had an unrealistic (to say the least) Utopian vision of Europe in their heads. How on Earth did they believe that peoples of such diversity, from so many countries, with differing attitudes to life, different philosophies, how all these people could live together in harmony?! It is risible! Moreover, it was never going to be a case of an equal balance between the northwards, southwards, eastwards and westwards traffic. I’m pretty sure that Poles and Czechs, for example, in their native countries, don’t spend all day complaining about the British taking their jobs and being a burden and their education and health systems.

I have a responsibility to my family and, of course, if I have a spare few quid when all is done, I, like many, help others. I can’t, however, open my doors, let in 5, 10 or 15 homeless people and feed and clothe them  –  if I did that, it would be pandamonium in our house and there would not be enough money to go round. Europe should witness an extension of my house non-open door policy. Resources are scarce. Just as I have a responsibility to look after my family before helping others (I can’t feed others if it means that my own children go hungry), countries have to look after their own before they look after others. British example, NICE (The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence): a prime example of scare resources having to be (agonisingly and controversially) spread/shared sparingly. The fact that Britain needs a Body to decide how scare resources should be spent is evidence of the fact that there is not enough money to go round and, that being a FACT, it is obvious that Britain cannot afford to continue with its borderless, open door policy.

My position on this does not make me a fascist!! it is common sense and anyone who thinks I’m wrong should, if they are happy to have other countries’ citizens walk into Britain, they should also open their own doors at home and let in the poor, the hungry and the needy and finance their needs and requirements. I must add at this point that my position herein relates solely to economic migrants and not in any way to genuine asylum seekers who are fleeing from persecution.

Europe is lurching scarily to the far Right (and to the far Left) and the politicians in the centre, those who are still in power, must act before it’s too late. The main 3 Parties in Britain cannot dismiss UKIP’s success as being solely down to protest votes which will go back to them in the General Election. The British people have had enough. They want change and they are right in not having faith in Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.