The photo that took us by surprise

Any decent human being with a heart should be disgusted, shocked to the core, reduced to tears after the photo of the drowned toddler that so many of us saw yesterday. Why it took us by surprise, I can´t explain to save my life. We all knew what was coming.

Syrians are victims. Firstly, victims of Daes, a sadic and poisonous snakes that drags its bloody length along the Middle East. A snake that is possible the worst threat to our free world since the Nazi horros.

They are victims of Bachar, the butcher of Damascus. 230000 dead and counting, an ally of Iran, and Russian protégé.

They are victims of Erdogan, who without blushing lectures the Middle East on human rights, at the same time massacring Kurds.

And, while these tormentors were bringing hell on earth,

Where was the USA when Obama draw – has it really been 3 years? – a “red line” in Syria? A line that has been crossed and crossed. Does chemical weapons against a civil population ring a bell? I guess that merits a Nobel Peace Prize for someone whose main achievement lies in the magic word,“deterrence” (loud laughs can still be heard all the way from Teheran, by the way. A cheap deal and good dough to be spent spreading their terrorist tentacles all over the Middle East). What would have happened in Syria had the USA taken action we will never know, but at this point it is fair to say that for many of us it takes a huge effort of imagination to envision a worst scenario than the one resulting from their failure to intervene. (Yes, Mr Nobel Peace Prize. Sometimes one pays a very high price when one looks the other way).

Where is Europe? Well, as usual Old Europe is afraid. Sheʼs sh***** on her pants, quickly changing into its “welcoming place” suit. She wants to be seen properly dressed but still hesitates on the how, where, when and if.

We are not finished yet.

Where is the UN when there is a genocide against Yazidis? (Yeah, BDS and co. Thatʽs what is called a genocide. Go check the Oxford English Dictionary if your very limited intelligence allows you to do so). How many EU summits on Greece so far? And how many Security Council meetings to tackle the genocide? How many condemnations? (Meanwhile Israel was the only country in the world to be singled out as a violator of health rights). How many demonstrations calling to stop the extermination of Yazidis have been held in New York? In Paris? In London? In Madrid?

Where is the cool and hip Pope? Such a progressive and so involved in worldly matters. Is saluting the Christians who are being massacred by Daesh really enough?

Where is the gay community? Proud Parades were celebrated this summer and no voices were raised concerning the gay men who were thrown off buildings, all for the glory of the Caliphate.

Where were we? When we watched the news, muttered that it was just horrific, had another forkful of dinner and changed the topic?

A hair-raising, heart-breaking photo the one we woke up to yesterday. But it is unacceptable to see so many political hypocrites that act as if this tragedy was taking us by surprise. Such a twisted logic, worrying about problems, human rights and dignity, only when the victims are knocking on your door. Perhaps we should learn our lesson and next time (please G-d don´t let there be a next time), let´s help before it´s too late.

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