The Pi-Day Pi-Rim Apple Pie Song

For the unique Pi-Day event on March 14 at the OU Israel Center organized by the Root and Branch Association in collaboration with Telfed and WITS, David Ben Reuven was asked to write a song about Pi which he managed to do although inspired more by Purim rather than any special knowledge about the mysterious Pi number which he left to the expert lecturers Dr. David Garber (Holon Institute of Technology) and Prof.Jake Solomon (Hebrew University .Dr. Les Glassman and Larry Pfeffer officiated at the event.

Here now is Ben Reuven’s Pi-Day song.


Words and music: David Ben Reuven

There are those who trace Pi and its origins
As far back as the Bible to Chronicles and Kings
Or even to the Py-Ramids of Ancient Egypt
But now finally as the generations unfold
The true story of Pi can at long last be told ….
Although I have to admit it with tongue in cheek
Cos apart from Pi I don’t know any Greek….
Archimedes the Greek mathematical Pioneer guy
Was just about to have his lunch
And bite into his tasty looking apple pie
When its circular shape caught his eye
And all of a sudden he had a hunch.
And there and then as the pie he did chew
On the plate the ratio of the circumference to its diameter he drew
The formula never seen before
To produce the number 3.14 and digits by the score
To which he gave the Greek Pi lettername
In praise of the pie that set his genius aflame.

And ever since then till this very day
Great minds like Ptolemy, Newton, Leibniz and Einstein with Pi endlessly play
Bewitched by its transcendental mystery
And its glorious centuries-old history.
And that is why Pi Day annually we celebrate
And all thanks to the circular apple pie on his plate
That so intrigued Archimedes that day long ago
And moved him the name Pi on his discovery to bestow.
So if for lunch you see a pie on your plate
Before you dig into it and it’s no longer there
See what its shape is, circular or square
And you too like the famed Greek inventor of Pi
Might also make an amazing discovery
Like I did, not one but two.
The number 3.14 an amazing secret to me did reveal
That within it the Divine Name it does conceal
And then, on the cover of my dear TT
The most amazing Pi thing I did see
The first Hebrew letter of Pekudey was Peh and the last Yud
Which together made the word Pi
And then I could not believe my one good eye
Cos the number of the issue was 1314
This was a message impossible to ignore
Both for PI Day and indeed for ever more….
They say that squaring the circle is impossible to calculate
But I saw my circular pie suddenly become square as I ate
So I know that it’s quite possible because they were really there.
Until they seemed to vanish into thin air.
Fate however decreed that both my pies should disappear
Ingested Into my digestive system at great speed
And yet perhaps all is not lost and they’ll soon reappear
Because deep inside my irrational human brain
Both pies with Pi transcendentally remain.
So I hope you’ve enjoyed my little Pi song
And hope I didn’t get my Pi-facts wrong
Because as you know in maths I’m not very strong
So all that’s left for me now is to say
Let’s all sing together and Have a very happy Pi Day!

Copyright David Ben Reuven, Jerusalem, March 14 , 2019

About the Author
London-born David Herman came on aliyah in 1966 after graduating from Cambridge University. In the 1960s, he founded the Good Times Publishing Company specializing in publishing newspapers in simplified English, French and Arabic for the Israeli school system. David currenty works as a translator, and is also very active in the field of songwriting and performing under the musical name, David Ben Reuven.