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The ‘Poodle’ Barks But Has No Bite

An Israeli poodle dog has a new name. It’s called “Bubaleh”. And it responds to many dog calls.

“Bubaleh sit. Bubaleh down. Bubaleh stay. Bubaleh come. Bubaleh up. Bubaleh jump” and several more etceteras.

A poodle is generally loved in the canine world. But not this one. This one is ferocious and dangerous. It barks loudly constantly but is unable to bite. Maybe he has poor teeth or maybe he fears being bitten by a stronger dog. In all events, this poodle cannot be allowed off the restraining leash.

On the question of taking away territory which has been promised to others in legal and binding letters, Bubaleh barks without end. Why can’t he be hushed?

Probably because he needs fresh territory on which to pee. He does his other business on sovereign Israeli soil but there is no pooper-scooper to clean up the poodle’s mess. It is both ugly and the stench is unbearable.

The leaders of the world, more than 100 of them, have declared that the poodle cannot mess on the territory of others. They simply will not allow it.

Even Turkey’s president Erdogan has publicly stated that his country will not permit the grabbing of another’s property and will defend the right of the property to its promised neighbors.

Our Israeli poodle barks louder day and night disturbing people who want rest and peaceful night’s sleep. But the poodle only barks. He is afraid to bite because he understands that his bite will cause other dogs to bite him.

And as a dog lover and a dog owner of Israel’s national canine breed, the Kelev Cnaani (the Israeli Canaan Dog), I know full-well what a dog is capable of doing.

If, on the other hand, a dog does bite and causes someone to receive painful anti-rabies injections, when the case of the biting dog is brought before the courts the judges can rule on one of two possible verdicts.

Confine the animal in a place surrounded by wires and fenced walls to prevent it from escaping or the least desired verdict… to put the animal down. That, in my eyes, would be the cruelest verdict of all.

A mis-behaved dog can be trained by a specialist to follow commands. And if performed correctly, the dog can be given a treat or praise or both.

However the poodle who barked so loudly deserves no praise. It’s bark was so disturbing that all the neighbors round about filed complaints.

Some, it is rumored, even sent letters to the newspapers requesting that owners should keep their animals on a tight leash to prevent any unwanted catastrophes.

When fed properly, patted, combed, bathed, and praised almost every dog will respond willingly to the attention. Who wouldn’t? Even human beings would enjoy it and the animal would be more loyal and faithful to its master.

But a poodle who has to live in a cage with another larger and more fierce animal understands how to react in order to survive being bitten.

When I sit on a bench in the municipal park in Rishon Lezion I can see many dogs off leash who obey their owners and who behave properly. It is a pleasure to relax and to watch them.

There is even a special separate location where dogs with their owners can run freely, exercise, bark with other dogs, make new friends, and cause no harm and no problems to the owners of other dogs.

It is a closed area, fenced in, lots of sand for the dogs to pee or to romp with other doggy friends.

Generally, Israelis love dogs as well as pussy-cats. They treat their pets with much affection and in return the pets give affection to the owners.

We can and we should hope that the problem-poodle will cease the constant barking and will obey the requests /commands given to him by his owner and trainer.

The neighbors will look forward to no more sleepless nights once the intense barking ceases.And quiet and peace will prevail.

As a longtime dog owner and lover, I wish them all well.

As my beloved wife used to say to me: “Laila tov. Chalomot n’imim”. Good night and pleasant dreams.

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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