The price of cottage cheese vs. the price of your children

Dear Israel,

You are famous for “The Great Israeli Cottage Cheese Uprising” as the Jerusalem Post likes to call it.  Three hundred thousand of you hit the streets to protest the high cost of cottage cheese.  I get it.  The protest was more than just about cottage cheese.  It was about your economic survival, as not just the price of cottage cheese, but also housing, health care cost, etc. were soaring.

You’ve proven you can protest en masse when something is important to you.  So I’ve just got to ask these questions.  Is your physical and spiritual survival important to you?  Is your national and individual pride important to you?  Is your national heritage important to you?  Is the honor of the G-d of Israel important to you?  Are your children important to you?  You went to the streets in the name of cottage cheese.  Now will you go to the streets in the name of the Temple Mount?  Can I expect “The Great Israeli Temple Mount Uprising” anytime soon?

Maybe it doesn’t bother you that Jews can’t pray on the Temple Mount.  And maybe it doesn’t bother you that Jews are locked off the Temple Mount per the instructions of the King of Jordan.

Perhaps you shrugged your shoulders when an elderly Jewish man was arrested on the Temple Mount for saying a blessing over his bottled water.  And maybe you rolled your eyes when a veteran of the Six Day War was arrested for saying a blessing for his fallen comrades while on the Temple Mount.

Maybe your so evolved that you embrace all religions and political views enough not to care that the Muslim Brotherhood holds rallies on the Temple Mount, while calling for the destruction of Israel and America.  If that’s the case, Hamas staking claim of the Temple Mount probably doesn’t ruffle your feathers either.  And maybe you support the rights of Arab youth to stockpile rocks in mosque on the Temple Mount to throw at honorable, peaceful rabbis who ascend the Mount.

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But surely the sight of little Jewish children being cursed at, spat at, and having objects thrown at them by Arabs on the Temple Mount is where you draw the line.  Surely you care enough about this to protest.  Surely the price your children, be it orthodox, reform, or secular, are paying in exchange for capitulating to a people who want to destroy you worries you more than the price of cottage cheese.  Surely.


Hopeful Among the Nations


About the Author
Camie Davis is a non-Jewish writer and advocate for Israel.