The Protocols of the Elders of Islam

It is no secret that the conflict between the Jewish people, which has returned to its homeland, and the Muslim and Arab world has become more intense, as Arab leaders have mobilized public opinion to undermine the legitimacy of the People of Israel and the State of Israel in almost every way. Leaders of various struggles in our region, from heads of state to leaders of terrorist organizations, have engaged in various strategies to undermine the national rebirth of the Jewish people while attempting to imitate the characteristics that led to the rebirth of the Jewish national life and global Jewry around the world.

Any issue that characterized Israeli society has been copied and adapted to Palestinian heritage and exploited for the global Islamic struggle against the Jewish people around the world. The characteristics of the Holocaust were copied, as Arab leaders invented the Nakba. The phenomenon of Jewish refugees was also copied by Arab countries, as were Jewish Holy sites turned into Islamic holy sites. However, more than any other phenomenon, the topic that stirred the imagination of Arab leaders was the document known as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The whole world recognized long ago that the Protocols were invented by an organization the Russian sky agency, the Okhrana, during the late 19th century, serving as a basis for anti-Semitic activities and pogroms. The authenticity has been denied by responsible sources across the world. However, Arab leaders have disseminated this document across the Muslim and Arab world the world to discredit and harm the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Across the Arab world, the document is studies meticulously as an authentic document, and it is viewed as the key to understanding the secret to the power of the Jewish people.

In conjunction with spreading the tales of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Islamic leadership has put into practice a three-pronged strategy, as follows: First of all, Islamic immigration around the world became a growing phenomenon, as immigration to strategic areas was encouraged, and amplified in areas where Islamic footholds already existed. Second, new areas where Islam never existed began to see new waves of immigration, and Islam found roots in far-reaching locations around the world. Thrid, in areas where new immigrants wanted to assimilate into the new society and begin a modern way of life, Muslim clerics made a supreme effort to educate youth according to the dictates of a fundamentalist version of Islam, as assimilation into modern life was exchanged for a fundamentalist approach.

Following this revolution, which has gained momentum across the world, a movement in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries to impose Sharia law upon societies at large has taken root. Fundamentalist leaders are attempting to influence elected bodies to legislate Sharia law, by applying pressure on elected leaders. The demographic power of the growing fundamentalist communities leaves many elected officials helpless. Direct and indirect terrorism around the world has resulted in political statements which are obviously the result of the pressures of various interest groups around the world.

The formal division of the world into blocs or countries of aligned and non-aligned countries no longer exists today. Following the fall of Communism, the meaning of the non-aligned block became irrelevant; however, 113 member states are still members of this body, which will be led this year by this year by Iran, known as one of most fundamentalist and radical states in the global system. Thus, we can expect the most skewed and extremist political statements to shape this organization in the coming years.

Our global discourse is changing by the day. Following pressure groups of various immigrants are no longer struggling for bread, but are instead struggling for a foothold in running state affairs, a new language has taken hold, which reflects these changes.

The new Islam in South America, a place where Islam had historically never reached, has taken root, and served as a dominant aspect in the strategy of the former President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, an ideology that spread like wildfire across South and Central America. Centers of prayer and study, which demanded traditional Islamic garb, began popping up in regions in South America, East Asia, and other locations which do not have large Muslim communities. Such centers of prayer have been strategically placed in areas of leisure, such as in shopping centers and malls, attempting to influence the silent majority.

“The Protocols of the Elders of Islam” are no longer a mere threat, but a program and action plan, persistent and relentless, which is ignored by the world. Only the perspective of time will illustrate the radical changes taking we are experiencing, as what was once known as “the free world”, will have undergone severe social changes.

Recently, the associations of teachers and professors in Great Britain and Ireland have called for a boycott Israel, a phenomenon that illustrates the way in which fundamentalist interest groups apply pressure on institutions and public opinion across Europe and in other places. If there are those who want to preserve the values of democratic society, they must unite to fight against this dangerous phenomenon of social and political terror, which is operating within democratic societies and making use of democracy to destroy it. And the sooner resolute action is taken, the better.

About the Author
Dr David Altman is senior vice-president at the Netanya Academic College and vice-chair of the college's Strategic Dialogue Center