The Question is, “What Is A Jew”, not who is a Jew!

The Question is, “What Is A Jew”, not who is a Jew!

A Jew is someone that steps forward, raisers their hand, and says they are Jewish! Each sector of Judaism contributes where other sectors may not. We are all Jews, all the same .

At the end of WWII, there were 12 Million Jews, when the world population was 1.5 Billion. Today, there are over 7 Billion people on this planet with a Jewish population of 16 Million. We are doing something wrong. We do not grow with the worlds population. There is no Pope in Judaism, it has over 100 sectors. Our population will only improve once we stop asking “Who is a Jew”, start asking “What is a Jew” and accept Jewish pluralism!

When the US population in 1945 was 140,000,000, the Jewish population was 4,811,250. Today the US population is 319,000,000, the Jewish population at best is 5,300,000. The Jewish Population, does not grow with the rest of the nation. Israel can help “The Next Generation Of American Jews”, should the American Jewish community allow it. The decline in the population of Jews in the US has nothing do with Israel or its issues. It may only be in part, because American Jewish families keep their children in negative light about Israel and more observant Jewish practices, as a result they see very little value in staying Jewish. The US is a “Melting Pot” of peoples, Israel is an “Integration” of peoples. The “Melting Pot”, is not very helpful in the cause for American Jewish survival. This is where Israel can help American Jews and their families stay Jewish.

American Jewish Community must recognize that Israel’s leadership is elected, the people have spoken, we welcome their opinion, and support, not their pressure. Just as many of those American Jews object to Israel’s interfering with US policy, it then can be understood that, Israeli’s feel the same, when American Jews interfere with Israels policies.

As there are sectors of Judaism represented in the Knesset, liberal Judaism deserves the same. Should they want to change Israel, they must run their party in national elections. The Rabbinate, will welcome liberal Judaism among its ranks, should they see their way through to recognize Judaism as a nationality, as well as a religion and accept the rulings of the court, Halacha as Jewish law. Liberal Women deserve their place at the Kotel, as long as they allow other sectors to do so as well and not interfere with their worship at their area’s.

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Marty Mensch is a marketing professional, an activist, and a freelance writer. He hails from Ocean, NJ.
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