A Question where Silence or Inaction cannot be the Correct Response

“Mom, why do they hate us?”                                        Rachel Kaplan Sassoon, Ops and Blogs,              Times of Israel: Nov 27, 2013


A child will often pose questions that no one else might be willing to ask.

Why? Because some answers will always be too obvious, too painful for adults and, anyway, these may have been stated so many times before that repetition adds very little to their weight or originality.

“Jews are different.”
“Their religion isn’t the same; their beliefs do not conform to those of other faiths.”
“They engage in strange customs and rituals.”
“They wear black garments all the time.”
“They believe they are a chosen people, picked out and favoured by G-d above all others.”
“They are clever, always well represented in the professions and gifted with more than enough brain-power to excel where others have failed.”
“They are occupiers, whether this is through choice or default.”
“They have become very powerful militarily and their economic performance is the envy of all those around them.”

So, what’s not to hate?

And the reason why there is now such limited rebuttal against those objecting to Israel’s presence and current status is very simple. Those who would be prepared to take on that task have run out of intellectual ammunition, the sort of stuff with enough calibre to really be effective.

The Holocaust? Another time, another place, another generation.
Jewish contributions to science, medicine, law, the arts, philosophy? All eclipsed by what’s happening on the ground and in headlines right across the globe..

Appeals to a common humanity? The Jewish wealth of experience there must always be considered somewhat less than stellar.

Therefore something new, much more up-to-date and relevant to present day conditions must be sourced if hate is not to be the only legacy handed down from one generation of children to the next.


Things have gone too far for any other means of rescuing the situation, a fact that should be all too apparent for those with the ability to see.

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