Don Davis
Don Davis

The Rabin tragedy repeat

One thing is almost a perpetual constant in this world, history repeating.

Furthermore, how we, as a global population, do not consistently act to prevent, and worse ignore, the signs, atmosphere, and behavior of – history repeating.

Plus, many would attest the most cruel, destabilizing and shameful deeds in history were leadership murder.

None was more shocking to a specific society, and the world, than the murder of Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin.

Rabin’s assassination mentally and physically ‘rocked’ Israelis. Reactions initially ranging from unbelief, quickly progressing to grief, and then to examinations internal, external, and personal and public, as to how and why it could have happened in a modern, intelligent, and democratic Jewish Society.

And, as a Middle East analyst, scrutinizing behavior, and a gentile that has lived in Israel for decades, I firmly believe I can contribute a logical viewpoint from ‘outside looking in’, and ‘inside looking out’ in relation to Israeli and Israeli collective behavior. Or, if you prefer, an outsider’s perspective into current Israeli elections and coalition building.

Now, being that I am a published analyst, I could have posted this article in a newspaper outside of Israel. But even though I do not have a large Israeli reading audience or many followers in Israel, I thought Israelis needed to read this account, maybe as a fresh opinion, or reawakening to logic, calm, and unity. Or, a polite reminder of cooperation. Before strong and divided political sentiments, parties, and conditions corkscrew out of control.

Many would affirm, and data and observations reflect, that the spewed hatred, from all sides, and party and principle, or standpoint, intimidation has already begun and ongoing.

In spite of that, Israel and Jewish Israelis are not, by nature, a violent society, especially in comparison to the world in general. Quite the opposite.

Worldwide and gentile readers may scoff or pause after reading that statement. Rebuffing that it is an extraordinarily odd declaration for me to present based on 73 years of wars in and around Israel.

However, it is true, and although this is an extensive subject entirely on its own, it can be very briefly clarified by retracing the Jewish Israeli ‘evolution’ when Israel became a state in 1948 (and after the two main Jewish freedom fighter factions made ‘peace’).

Scores of immigrants to Israel were without parents, lived in communal environments, in a tiny country, surrounded by enemies, wars, stronger boycotts, and needed to depend on each other for mere survival. Jewish person to person physical fighting was not acceptable, and harmony was needed and encouraged to additionally maintain safety and their homeland. Hence robust debating, arguing and non or limited contact of assertion of character, became the substitute.

Nevertheless, behavioral stipulations in Israel have gradually negatively, radically, altered in the last 30 years. Purportedly, to name a few, a combination of, commonly blamed origins, to include violent-prone western-type behavior immigrants, in other words, physical fighting instead of voice arguing. Violence and glorification of violence in entertainment programing and gaming. Unremitting wars and training, over-population in limited living areas, and increased religious and secular divide (to put it another way, Jewish culture wars).

Nonetheless, I warn enemies of Israel in presuming Jewish cultural divide makes Israel weak or vulnerable as a nation. Plausible threats or attacks against Israel is an instantaneous, steadfast Jewish Israeli unison formula.

This brings forward another Jewish Israeli quandary.

Survival of life in a chaotic Middle East does not allow Israel to always have the luxury to vote for political correctness, even if they wish. Nor, for the best or best ‘loved’ candidate, if available.

Circumstances, I expounded in my Times of Israel blog, “Middle East 2021 war expectations”.

In cycles of great danger and war-threat distress, people commonly vote for the person they believe has the fortitude, and will protect their lives, save Judaism, the Country of Israel, attack or neutralize every threat, defend against war crimes, and stand up to Russia, Turkey, and even the USA, and a nuclear Iran, by any means necessary for the defense of the State of Israel.

Therefore, as we know presently, as reality, from past, tragic historical events, Israeli politicians that make deals or concessions as Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin did (The Oslo Accords), with Arab organizations or parties that may be associated, or have former records, as anti-Jewish or anti-Israel, or Israeli Arab parties; woefully, these Israeli leaders can be labeled by some as a jeopardy to Israel, and risk assault by certain Jewish Israeli individuals or crowds.

In fact, the ominous, regional instability and domestic politically charged ambiances are equal to that of the Rabin slaying, I know, I was here. Actually, one might say things are worse today because there are more political views and variables in play.

Consequently, during these ultra-heated political discussions and negotiations, I would encourage and plead for Israelis to, step back for a second, take a breath, bridge the growing rifts in politics and culture (religion), sustain your undeniable calm under pressure, restraint your representatives and blocs, and don’t give into rhetoric, bullying, and violence, which is far beneath your vast intellect. No irreversible history repeating.

Remember beloved, King David, the greatest king in Israel history, despite that his son Solomon was greater in riches.

King David was commissioned by God to be King of Israel. But despite being hunted by King Saul, lived in caves, fed by the generosity of others, and led a hard life on the run; David would not raise his hand against Saul, who was also, anointed by God to be king.

David waited patiently, although grueling, until God intervened against Saul, and made David, King, and David executed any that raised their hand against Saul.

Violence against any leadership or group is a grave undertaking. It has no place in any society, and in particularly, a democratic society.

And, Israeli’s resistance to violence, and opposition to violence, and undaunted quest for fairness and freedoms, is one of the Israeli’s greatest traits that make them special.

About the Author
Don Davis is a published Middle East analyst and book author. For more than twenty years most of his research material was client confidential and behavioral related. But many of his abridged reports on current or Israeli subjects have been posted as articles or blogs in, The Times of Israel, The Christian Messenger, a newspaper/journal/magazine, and in American news online. Don is also the book author of The Children of Santiago, The Theogonic Resurrections and My three and a half hours at PMW.
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