The real Trump

I was very relaxed watching TV while running on the treadmill, when the final dialogue in a 2006 Supernatural episode (don’t judge me, please) caught my attention:

“Who the hell are you?” asked the iconic good guy, in a plaid shirt.

“You’re a demon!” he realizes, utterly surprised.

“Don’t be such a racist,” answered the blonde, exhibiting her real, weird, black eyes, that cover the whole cornea, otherwise looking quite angelic. “Not all demons are equal!”

And cut.

* * *

On Monday night, I was again watching TV, this time live: Donald Trump’s rally in a crowded room, mostly packed with young people who gathered not far from here, in Mount Pleasant, a suburban town near Charleston, South Carolina.

I could hardly believe what was happening. To every bombastic statement of Trump, who by the way is becoming more radical and agitated by the minute, the mob reacted in an uproar, making the “hola” we always see in football stadiums. When a tiny female voice came from the back, trying to utter a protest, it was virtually crushed by the noisy horde — USA! USA! — and greeted by an immediate comment by Trump, perhaps with second and even third intentions: “I gotta tell you, so far the security is not doing a great job, I tell you that.”

That was the night after Obama’s appeasing, unsatisfying speech about the San Bernardino attacks, when Trump made the “historic” declaration that pushed him down to the “nation’s limbo” (did it really?), as he recommended a “ban” of all Muslims and a temporary entry suspension into the country for all practitioners of that religion (the word “temporary” was obviously eliminated from most of the comments that followed). As Americans say, “all hell broke loose.”

A couple of days later, I suddenly reached a complete understanding of what’s going on in this country right now, an understanding that was inevitably challenged by hours and hours of live commentary from all sources, violently criticizing the suggestions of the would-be presidential candidate. According to Fox News, last Tuesday “The Donald” got more than 8 hours of priceless live TV, but if this marathon’s outcome will reflect a rise or drop in the polls remains to be seen.

The truth is that when Trump says these kind of things, he is, for better or worse, reflecting the thoughts of a majority of Americans, who in public, however, prefer to act according to the weary canons of political correctness. I even agree with some of his points, I must confess. Mainly because I don’t give a damn about this “public code of conduct,” which may at times reach a total absurdity when privileged by “the left.”

Nevertheless, what I understood was not any of that, but rather that Trump is playing a necessary counter-propaganda role, in the face of the propagation ability demonstrated by terrorist groups. What do you mean, we leave to them the primacy of persuasion and indoctrination?

Trump doesn’t speak for “people like us,” who are not influenced by slogans, or by what we see on TV (I’m not even going to mention that tonight Alan and I are planning to have dinner in a certain restaurant, in celebration of our 10th “formal” anniversary, just because of their excellent ad on TV). Acting very “patriotically,” if I can say so, Donald J. speaks to the same desperate, ready-to-be-radicalized people, only this time on “our side” of the ideological dispute. And they are very well armed, by the way. Trump is a counterterrorist par excellence, using the same rhetoric tools that the thugs may use, perhaps fomenting similar dangers. On the other hand, he may be indeed sending a message, not the wrong message, as emphasized this week by so many commentators, but an accurate one: “Don’t mess with us, because you will be smashed.”

All this is amplified to the nth degree through networked propagation, spread on the Internet and across the social media. It remains to be seen if any of these suggestions will be carried out. It will probably never happen, because at the last minute we are hoping a legitimate savior of the nation will make himself known, a savior of the Republican party, at least.

Considering all the above, and despite all radicalism, I’m still not willing to support the Democrats, who have already caused us enough harm, at least in regard to this terrorism issue. Who will deny that since Obama took office, “radicalization” has reached levels yet unseen? Take the word “radicalization,” in its verb form “radicalized;” as a foreigner, I haven’t seen it before. But I could be wrong, of course.

As far as I’m concerned, it is quite clear that the resources put in place to examine new immigrants’ “resumes” have serious flaws, or the “Radical Mom” from San Bernardino would have never been accepted, let alone received a resident visa.

Another useful contribution to the “common good” offered by Donald Trump is his courage to say in public, with no censorship, whatever he thinks, whatever a lot of people think, without being intimidated by the media. And I’m not talking about our media or anything like that, but about the jihadists’ media, that has imposed so much pain upon us recently. Obama himself seems to believe in their power, as do other coopted individuals (I’m not implying anything here, please count me out).

Not that I want to see blood, but one of these false beliefs is that crap about how boots on the ground will surely be defeated by the Caliphate forces, according to some stupid medieval prediction uttered under the shadow of the old Ottoman Empire, which was actually invincible at the time and terrifying as well. I’m talking about the 13th century, folks! Despite their impressive technological skills, the jihadists still seem to be stuck back then!

Now, let’s see who is “more macho,” despite the fact that now US armed forces accept women in all positions. I’ve even heard somewhere that Putin is preparing to fire a nuclear weapon on the bastards’ domains. Ouch. I hope he won’t go that far.

What is certain is that Muslim communities worldwide now have a serious problem to deal with, and sooner or later they’ll have to face it: the growing radicalization that facts unfortunately don’t fail to prove. Or will someone deny that in the recent attacks all the criminals’ names denoted a Muslim ancestry?

How are we supposed to react? With hugs and kisses in the middle of a crowd? Turning the other cheek? How can anyone be convinced that these are not crimes with some religious motivation, all of that being no more than unjustified prejudice?

Tough stuff. But it is their problem, not ours.

At any rate, there I was again running on the treadmill when I came across another seminal phrase, this time in an old episode of Law & Order. So here it goes, paraphrasing Mariska Hargitay, the TV series’ Olivia (her original phrase referred to love): “This is not faith; this is brainwashing.”

In fact, the FBI told us that when they met online, back in 2013, instead of talking about sex or love like other passionate lovers, the demonic San Bernardino couple spoke of martyrdom, jihad, and terrorist attacks.

What a horror. Therein lies the real danger.

About the Author
Noga Sklar was born in Tiberias, Israel, in 1952. She grew up in Belo Horizonte and lived for 30 years in Rio de Janeiro, a city she left behind to take refuge in a paradise among the mountains of Petropolis. Noga met her American husband Alan Sklar in 2004, through the American Jewish dating site JDate. This meeting gave new impetus to her life and literary career, inspiring her first novel, “No degrees of separation” (to be published in English in 2016. She now lives in Greenville, SC, US, where she moved with her husband in October 2014.
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