David Rosenthal

The regime of terror

The execrable Iranian regime of terror has its days numbered, after having taken at least 500 lives, which, added to the other crimes they have committed over the years, completes the genocide of the Persian people, largely docile to the tyranny of the clerics who represent a hallucinatory and horrifying version of Islam.

The Iranian revolution is promising, it engages the efforts of the youth, the students, the new generations, the women, the indignant people, etc., but also the courage of one man who, despite understanding what it meant to stand up to the ayatollahs’ regime, decided to do so regardless of the price to be paid. Former Persian footballer, Ali Daei, challenged his country’s supreme leaders by supporting the revolution. Daei now faces a very tough situation as his wife and daughter are in Iranian custody after they tried to escape via Dubai.

Iran is also targeting the footballer, to which, for example, the president of Colombia rightly tweeted about the World Cup, Argentina’s victory and Iran’s threat to one of its players: “Very good for Messi, and for the Argentinean people. And don’t let Iran kill football”, although Iran “denied” that it was going to execute the player Amir Nasr Azadani. But who is going to believe this? Surely the President was not convinced.

Iran’s regime is unacceptable. No one who defends human rights and human rights, and humanity itself, can be in favour of this. It is hard to believe the situation in countries such as Iran or Afghanistan, for example, under the rule of lunatics who, under the political pretext of religion, as in this case, scourge and oppress their people.

The Machiavellian clergy of the ayatollahs have already executed two innocent young men in the past. Accused of an absurd crime known by the Persian name “moharebeh”, i.e. “enmity against God”. Innocent men accused in Kafkaesque, arbitrary and unprecedented trials, their names Mohsen Shekari and Majid Reza Rahnavard, the latter like Azadani, a sportsman, a wrestler, a national exponent in what is so significant, sport.

Black September, the terrorist organisation founded by the Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat, killed sport, when they perpetrated the massacre of 11 Israeli sportsmen in Germany, 50 years ago. The “Munich Massacre” killed sport, in those 1972 Olympic Games. 11 innocent athletes were taken away from the Israeli Olympic delegation, taken away from their families and taken away from their country in a land that not so long ago had seen a great tragedy that also killed sport. In 1936, the Nazi Olympics took place, and there too there was death to sport as several Jewish athletes perished thereafter under that feverish and schizophrenic regime of terror of an unnamable one.

Iran, of course, is like the Nazis and the Black September terrorists. Ayatollahs Khamenei and Khomeini are just like Arafat and Hitler, with the addition that they attack their own people, just like the aforementioned, only more openly.

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