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The Resurrection and Rebirth of Anti-Semitic Hatred in Canada

The news broke to the world in 1945. Adolf Hitler, the fuehrer of Nazi Germany, had committed suicide. We laughed and we danced and we gave thanks to Almighty God for the defeat of an entire nation and its murderous leaders.

But today, thanks for a very troubling article in the JERUSALEM POST, I have discovered that the frightening revealed true story is the “rebirth” of a disguised Nazi-like personality living safely in Canada.

Resurrected from the ashes, the hateful spirit of the dictator “escaped” from Germany and found a place to “settle” in the Province of Ontario, close to the center of Toronto, a home for many Jews.

Travis Patron is a far-right nationalist and Canadian politician, the leader of the Canadian National Party. He praises Hitler but he is not like Hitler.

He refers to Jews as a “parasitic tribe” and he greets his party members with the Nazi salute. In his Facebook video, one can see and hear his hateful words. He moves his lips but the voice and the words are those of the former Nazi leader.

“Everywhere these people go, they infiltrate the media, they hijack the central bank and they infect the body politic like parasites……. These people, they walk among us, and you could walk right past them and you wouldn’t think twice about it… These black sheep hide, and they perpetrate, and they pull the strings, and they laugh at us…. And they seek to control and demonize us in every aspect of what we try to do.”

Patron continues spewing his words of bitter hatred against all Jews. “If they had their way, our entire way of life would be eradicated. They don’t like us….they despise us because of who and what we are. They cannot exist with it. They are inside manipulators”.

And he concludes with a terribly frightening statement, one that Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, promoted, one that another Adolf (Eichmann) enacted.

To be very clear,Travis Patron is not like Hitler but his words and writings show a similarity of racial hatred. He follows in the footsteps of Hitler’s racism.

Travis Patron announced to all members of his party “what we need to do, perhaps more than anything, is to remove all these people, once and forever, from our country”.

How to remove them is not yet mentioned.

I trembled as I read Zachary Keyser’s story. I shudder as I write this article.

Patron’s vitriolic remarks sound very much like a new Holocaust but he never once mentioned that word.

The remarks of Patron were from the general concensus of the Canadian Nationalist Party, an unregistered white supremacy political party founded in 1977 by Don Andrews, leader of the white supremacist movement in Canada.

In 1985, he and the Party Secretary, Robert Smith, were charged and convicted under the Criminal Code of Canada for promoting racial hatred. Both men were convicted and sentenced to prison terms.

For nine years, Robert Smith ran for elected offices including the Toronto City Council and also for the position of mayor of the city of Toronto. He was never elected to any political office anywhere in Canada.

The Canadian government lists the NCP as a neo-Nazi group within Canada.

Six million of our Jewish people were murdered by believers and supporters and followers of Nazi parties in all the European countries under German occupation. More than twenty million non-Jews, particularly in the Soviet Union, were also murdered by the Nazis.

Neo-Naziism must be abolished forever from off the face of the earth. Nazi parties must be denied recognition in all the countries in which they live.

As for my fellow Israeli readers, I beg you from the top and bottom of my heart to write letters to the Canadian Ambassador at the Canadian Embassy in Tel-Aviv protesting vigorously the hateful racist words spewed from the mouth of Ontario’s Travis Patron.

Readers in all other countries should send protest letters to the nearest Canadian consulate or embassy in their own countries.

The dead Nazi fuehrer cannot be resurrected. He must not be re-born. His words and his writings must be forever destroyed.

And so too, the words and writings of the anti-Semites in the world who long for another racist-fascist leader to rise up.

God forbid it for all eternity.

(This article is dedicated to all decent God-fearing men and women everywhere. God bless you for your righteousness and justice for all).

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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