David Altman

The road to the world of truth passes through the world of falsehoods

The demonstrations orchestrated by Hamas and its supporters throughout the world to protest crimes against children and other innocent people – can easily blind objective eyes. Those who are not involved in the Middle East, and have not experienced the religious-fundamentalist cruelty that is rampant in the region, are easily fooled by hollow slogans, which lack any grain of truth. Hamas does not mourn its children. Hamas kills them and sends them to their deaths in order to manufacture good public relations for its activities. The Hamas movement glorifies death. Hamas mothers yearn for their sons to become shahids (martyrs) and are proud of it. The Hamas education system teaches children to become martyrs and extols murderers of children as national heroes. Hamas sends children to die on the rooftops in order to vilify the State of Israel. The Hamas movement holds shahid-style summer camps for thousands of children, who are trained to kidnap soldiers. Murder and self-sacrifice are virtues in Hamas society.

What is Hamas complaining about? That its children are following in its ways? that its supporters are celebrating the launching of missiles against innocent women and children? They celebrate every missile or bomb with refreshments and candy to express their joy about the death of innocent lives. How does this murderous movement conduct itself, if not by honoring murderers, shahids, death missions, terror, and horror directed at innocent civilians?

The Hamas war does not a priori target soldiers, or even government institutions, but the heart of the civilian population – elderly citizens, children, people going to school or to work, in the hope to achieve numbers and images of death and destruction, in order to glorify its name among the Arab public and boast about its successes killing civilians, men, women, and children.

The demonstrations in support of Hamas do not stem from Hamas’ righteousness, but rather as an expression of the billion and a half Muslims in the world who sanction the deaths of those that do not share their beliefs, and at any cost protect the fundamentalists which view terror as a legitimate weapon throughout the world.

At least two million refugees have fled Syria recently – men, women, and children – not because the warring sides welcomed them with flowers, but because they bombarded them with every imaginable weapon of destruction. No demonstrations filled the streets of the world’s capitals. 200,000 innocent people, mostly women and children, were killed by both sides with unparalleled cruelty. The world is silent. Even UN institutions – usually so sensitive to human rights infringements – are silent in face of this tragedy.

Ever since the liberation of Iraq by Western forces, dozens of massacres in mosques and churches take place there almost daily. Again, the world is appallingly silent. Since the Western-supported uprising against Muammar Gaddafi’s tyranny in Libya, which facilitated a public lynching in front of cameras to the applause of the world, this country is still in turmoil, and executions continue on a daily basis. The world is silent. Ever since the leader of Yemen was escorted out of his country, both sides continue to massacre each other, and the streets of the West are silent about these daily events. The Muslim Brotherhood, aided by Hamas, slaughtered Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai due to ideological reasons, but the world did not censure nor say anything about these recurring crimes.

Hamas is waging an all out war on Israel. It has amassed a huge rocket arsenal contrary to agreements signed between Israel and the Palestinians, guaranteed by the world. They harm women and children as a strategy. The State of Israel has retaliated by developing expensive protective countermeasures to defend its citizens, and has acted against these lethal weapons, which were built in secret and smuggled in by terror-abiding nations. Israel’s actions are executed with the utmost care to avoid damage to innocent bystanders as much as possible.

Unlike the actions of so-called enlightened nations, Israel is extremely careful, not because it fears external criticism, but because of our internal edict to be careful with human lives. Hamas uses civilians as a human shield, contrary to international law, and shoots at civilians. In today’s world of falsehood, demonstrations are held to honor the memory of those who were killed, as Hamas drew targets on their foreheads and backs.

This is a damned and unjust war. Anyone who is party to allegations of disproportionality or Israeli cruelty becomes an accomplice to murder and to crimes against humanity, and consequently – innocent people will continue to be killed.

Dictatorial regimes have always used lies to confuse and delude the world. This mask must be ripped off the face of Hamas and its supporters, off fundamentalist Islam, which has proven repeatedly what it really is. The world must be warned that the lie that is so convenient to believe, which is hurled at Israel like a blood libel, will eventually be used in other places in the world, more painfully, and must be stopped now.

About the Author
Dr David Altman is senior vice-president at the Netanya Academic College and vice-chair of the college's Strategic Dialogue Center