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The roast pig syndrome and Israeli elections

The crass immorality of the radical left has never been so explicitly in display as it is being enacted in Israel through anti government demonstrations calling for general elections, ceasefire deal and release of hostages. Yahyah Sinwah and his bunch of Hitlerian murderers both inside the Gaza tunnels and Qatar hotels can only open Champagne bottles as they watch their enemy self destruct through thoughtless riots. How do you expect Hamas to release the hostages when you join the UN and Joe Biden in deflating pressure from the terrorists and directing the same to the prime minister? Those demonstrations have nothing to do with democracy. Which democracy calls for an election while fighting it’s most important battle ever?

On elections, the Israelis have a lesson to learn from the Roast Pig Syndrome. In one Chinese hamlet , the villagers kept pigs as their most valuable possession. In fact, they shared their houses with pigs. One day when the adults were working the fields, one of the houses caught fire while children were trying to cook something to eat. The fire spread, burning several houses and the pigs inside.

When the adults returned, they were devastated by the destruction. The loss of so many pigs to fire was unimaginable. Since the villagers used to eat raw meat, they were going to throw away the pork spoilt by fire. However, before they started disposing the pork, one wise man stopped them. He took a piece of the roast pork and had a bite. It tasted like nothing he had ever eaten before, so nice. The villagers joined the feast and not a single piece of meat went to waste. Through a tragedy the Chinese villagers discovered that roast pork was way much better than raw. However…….

Whenever the villagers wanted to eat some roast pork, they would select the pig(s), tie them in the house, then set the entire house on fire! Even when a family wanted to eat one pig, they would roast the pig by burning one of the family houses with the pig inside.

This is what happens the Israeli body politic. After every small disagreement in the cabinet, general elections. When there’s a terrorist attack, general elections. When a suicide bomber strikes, general elections. When Joe Biden doesn’t like the prime minister, general elections. When Arab league and the UN hates the prime minister, general elections!! Who calls for an election in the middle of an existential war in their sane mind? Who would benefit from the ensuing bitterly divisive campaigns? What’s the guarantee that Hamas would obey orders to release the hostages from a new regime?

If you read constitutions of most countries, you will find a clause or article in the charter that allows extension of the life of government, including the legislature for a year or more during times of war. This is because leaders need to defend the country without from external forces without crippling internal distractions and pressures. A household divided against itself cannot stand. Why is Israel doing the opposite by introducing general elections rhetoric in the middle of its secrets of independence? It’s because of opportunistic ambitions of the radical left, lackeys of the West who wants to get to power at whatever cost.

See how Al Jazeera and other pro Hamas media are gleefully highlighting the so called demonstrations. Because they know that such chaos within Israel can only cause more instability. They represent the soft underbelly of the Jewish nation. The demos in Israel are the Israeli version of the anti-Semitic riots that have dominated European and American cities. They should stop. They have nothing to do with democracy. Let Bibi prosecute the war to its conclusion. He is the best you have at the moment. He’s a strong, brilliant and resolute leader. Above all, he’s a consummate patriot. When history is written, his name shall be chiselled in gold on the wall of honour.

Finally, stop this obsession with burning the entire house in order to eat a few pieces of roast pork. Get into Rafah, smoke out the terrorists and finish this thing. There’s no compromise here.

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Kanyi Ndewa (Lawrence Kanyi Ndegwa) is from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a lawyer and leadership consultant.
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