The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

It has now been five weeks since Election Day, and as I feared would happen, knew would happen, the left has left all reality. Nothing new with that. OK, yes, I admit many diehard conservatives would have lost it as well were the election shoe on the other foot. But what is happening lately is downright ridiculous.

Hillary Clinton lost as much as, if not more, than Donald Trump won. Both candidates sucked. The New York Times’ Election Day exit poll showed that while only 53% of Democrats strongly favored Hillary – not great, only 42% or Republicans strongly favored Trump. And Trump still won. Only 35% of Republicans believed Trump cared about “people like me.” Hillary was at 58% of the Democrats. And Donald still won.

There are a number of reasons the election went the way it did, and the continuous hyperventilating about this or that thing not only hurts the country, but if it continues unabated well into Trump’s presidency, it will hurt the Democrats as well. There is another election in two years and at that time, the left will have to defend more senate seats than the Republicans. Some very vulnerable. If Democrats overplay their hand with constant whining, and if Trump is not extremely unpopular at that time, the GOP could fare very well indeed.

The left and the mainstream media should be happy with fighting some Trump nominations – they will look silly if they hit all of them and too hard – and they should also relish coming Republican in-family squabbles, and there will be some hot ones I believe, but they should try to stop the de-legitimization of the election itself.

For argument’s sake, however, let’s play.

Hillary received more votes. True. But Trump won where it counted. Had this not been an Electoral College contest, he would have done more to get more votes himself. And besides, our Founding Fathers did not want the populous states to wield too much power. Social media petitions trying get the system changed are a waste of time and effort, but hey, if that tickles your fancy, enjoy. Next time, try to convince more than just the elites in your party to vote for your side, and don’t write off the working class.

Trump voters were at best stupid, at worst misogynistic (even the women!) and racist. I can readily admit there are voters who are all three. On both sides. The right has its fringe and so does the left. Neither side has a monopoly on crazy. And Hillary calling half of Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables” was such a foolish self-inflicted wound. The nasty comment just reinforced the perceived snootiness of the Democrats’ longtime chosen one and her party.

What else? FBI Director James Comey messed things up. The momentum was changing anyway, but let’s say he did. Let’s say Comey’s dagger put Hillary away. Had Ms. Clinton not acted so irresponsibly – and yes, it was irresponsible to have a private server as much as many on the left refuse to admit it, and had she not kept lying about it and what was on it, Comey wouldn’t have had to weigh in at all.

And had the money-grubbing Ms. Clinton and her partner Bill not been so reckless with their foundation and how in concert, they tried to milk every dollar they could from Wall Street and organizations stupid enough to pay them for speeches, the FBI wouldn’t be involved with that either.

In fact, had the power-hungry Clintons just played it straight after she left the State Department, there would be no issues of impropriety in those matters at all. The deeply-flawed Hillary and those who anointed her long ago have no one to blame but themselves.

“Fake news.” Yep, there are plenty of fake news sites all over social media. But guess what? Both sides have them. For every BS story about Hillary or Obama or Democrats, there are BS stories about Donald and pretty much every Republican leader out there. And do people really think fair-minded fence sitters were swayed by the garbage?

The only people who believed the crazy stories were those who wanted to in the first place, the diehard supporters of the candidates. The rubbish still gets written and disseminated, in the form of serious-looking sites and memes, but the Democrats have more than their fair share of muck making the rounds. Every day.

The big news now is the Russians’ hacking of Democratic National Committee (DNC) and John Podesta emails according to the CIA, to specifically harm Hillary and help Trump win. (At this time that assertion is not supported by the FBI.) Sunday morning news show anchors as well as talking point Democrat guests were breathlessly falling all over themselves making sure everyone knew about the Russians. OMG! The Russians!

Getting nuttier-by-the-day, Democratic Senator Harry Reid actually believes James Comey conspired with Russian president Vladimir Putin to help Trump. “Hey there Vlad, how goes? What’s the latest ploy?” “Hello my dear friend FBI Director! It is good. Tomorrow, I release more email. How is Mrs. FBI Director?”

By the way, I agree with Republican Senator John McCain who says Putin is a KGB thug and a bully. And I have no problem with investigating who did what.

But get this. Had the DNC and the Democrats kept their noses clean, nothing would have come from it. All of what was exposed was true. The left tried at first to deny by non-admission that leaked emails had no veracity. But that didn’t help. Everyone could see the lies and manipulations of the Democrats and Hillary’s campaign. The DNC’s screwing of Bernie Sanders as well as the pettiness and jealousies of party and campaign officials did cause grief. And I am sure the Republicans have their own emails they want left private.

Still, don’t act like idiots and you won’t get hurt. In any event, Blue states were going to go blue and red states, red. Midwestern states, some bluish-purple, flipped from four years ago. Did the pickup-driving family man in Wisconsin, laid off from his manufacturing job a few years back vote for Trump because of the Russians exposing the left’s frailties? Come on.

I can admit had we not seen the inner ugliness of the Democrats, some people who may have voted for Hillary stayed home instead. But all of Hillary’s lies and nasty comments, and her reinforced non-email-exposed weaknesses going back many years, created and cemented her un-likeability, untrustworthiness and subsequent voter apathy even among Democrats, and that helped her lose.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats lost because of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

If the left wants to continue to cry about Russians and Comey and “fake news” and all the rest of it, I can’t stop them. But the American people can and will if they don’t stop themselves. Trump was elected. Get over it and move on.

About the Author
Shia Altman who hails from Baltimore, MD, now lives in Los Angeles. His Jewish studies, aerospace, and business and marketing background includes a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. When not dabbling in Internet Marketing, Shia tutors Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and Judaic and Biblical Studies to both young and old.
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