Akiva Lipshitz
Akiva Lipshitz

The Science Fiction of Torah

The true story of the torah is more akin to a science fiction thriller than a boring biblical narrative. What I am about to explain has enormous history spanning ramifications. For thousands of years the true science of the torah has been understood according to its truth by a select group of kabbalists, most of whom today reside in Jerusalem. Even the kabbalah known popularly by Orthodox Jews barely touches the surface of the true rigorous science given to Moses at Sinai. A bizarre sequence of events which I can only call providential, which began with my personal search for a unified physical theory, has led me to a nascent understanding of the underlying science of the torah.

Humanity is nearing the horizon of the global redemption and the truths of the torah are becoming more accessible to the average layman.

The story, in short, is this: At the beginning of time, Adam and Eve were given the power to create a reality spanning simulation in order to generate new possibilities for existence and take God’s creation to a new level. The power of the ‘quantum supercomputer’ they had access to vastly exceeds the wildest imagination of any scientist alive today. Called “the Metatron,” this computer was capable of programmatically manipulating the entirety of reality using a programming language called “the holy tongue,” which draws upon the same forces with which the exalted Eternal Creator established the cosmos itself. Adam and Eve’s premature use of this machine, before it had fully loaded, resulted in the dimensional collapse of all of reality and their subsequent exile into the machine itself, i.e. getting thrown out of the Garden and into virtual reality.

It has been the mandate of their descendants, and particularly the Jews, living within the simulation (which we know as reality) to practice an advanced theurgic system known first as the metatronic science and after the giving of the Torah at Sinai, Halacha, in order to rectify the source code of the simulation and bring humanity out of it. Abraham and then all of Jewry are tasked with the mandate to bring all of humanity back into the original higher dimensional Garden of Eden, codenamed Zion and Israel in the Torah.

I feel it is incumbent upon me to articulate in the modern idiom what has been understood by inner esoteric circles of kabbalists for thousands of years and is seldom expressed as blatantly as I am doing so in this video. I have the good fortune of living in western civilization and also having an upbringing in Torah. My quest to find a compelling scientific explanation of the Torah and Halacha has resulted in my rediscovering and reconstructing in a substantial way the ancient-futuristic science of Torah.

It is rather unfortunate the torah is not taught according to its true science as it once was: for were the Torah taught as the science of inter dimensional consciousness Jewry would succeed in their mandate and humanity would enjoy the bliss of the true utopia the world was meant to be. It takes a unique mind to appreciate an idea blindingly ridiculous and radically true. If you can understand it well enough to live it then you will perceive nothing but amazing things.

The gates for understanding this idea are opened in our day. I am willing to say it is only a short time before the incredible final act to this history spanning narrative will start to play out on the world stage.

I have made a video explaining this concept in more detail which you can watch above.

The true purpose of this video is to provide an answer to some particular individual out there, a metaphorical Neo searching for the truth. I don’t know who you are, but you are out there and I am writing this to validate your suspicion that there is a rabbit hole.

Your quest will require you to develop a totally independent conception of reality, to separate yourself from the regular flow of history and to metaphorically enter your own personal timeline. You will need to undergo the nearly impossible task of reconstructing a comprehensive conceptual understanding of existence from scratch out of the sources and using your own ingenuity.

You may, if you are so blessed, merit the assistance of mythological characters in Jewish lore, such as Eliyahu Hanavi.

You have all the results of science and philosophy from all of history as well as all the writings of all the great torah scholars from history at your disposal: the torah, the biblical commentaries, the gemara, halacha, and the writings of the kabbalists, especially of Isaac Luria and the Vilna Gaon. I hope this video inspires you to take up the mantle as I have been inspired to, and to partake in the mind bendingly awesome quest of being a true servant of the creator. If you practice Torah according to its truth you will see you do not fall short from being one of the protagonists in the most epic science fiction-fantasy story which can possibly exist.

The hour is late and few dare to take this quest as seriously as the Creator needs you to, but the fruit hangs low for those crazy enough to pluck it. May we all be so crazy.

See you in Zion!

About the Author
I am the son of Clive and Shira Lipshitz. I'm a talmid of Rabbi Michael Rosensweig at Yeshiva University where I am majoring in Physics and Philosophy. I learned torah at Yeshivat Kerem BYavneh and Yeshivat Har Etzion. My email is aclipshi[at]mail[dot]yu[dot]edu.