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The Shavuot Netanyahu Said Fromage

Why Israel’s Prime Minister thanked Francois Hollande

Or, when Shavuot helped culture grow in France and Israel.

netanyahu thanking hollande caricature june 3, 2014 by laughzilla

Maybe Bibi just did not think of the ramifications of thanking the French President on the eve of the Shavuot holiday.

Let’s look at the facts, shall we? Both the French and Jews incorporate wine and cheese into various cultural traditions. Both of them have a history of going after merciless killers, and often with crazy people who take their orders from some version of God. And both of their nations border the Mediterranean.

Good heavens! What diplomatic shenanigans will they think of next?!

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And to think, the Israeli PM thanked France’s top politician for arresting a suspect of the recent deadly attacks on the Jewish Museum in a swanky part of Brussels, Belgium. How dare he be publicly grateful for such an act, when he refuses to recognize the Palestinian unity government, between the PLO and Hamas?

Shocked. I’m just shocked. Aren’t you? I mean, those poor, innocent victims, who obviously want peace in the holy land … as long as it contains no Jews, don’t get recognition by the Jewish state?

And the Prime Minister of the Jewish State thanks the French President for helping to capture a leading suspect in a lethal murderous rampage targeting Jews and Israelis?

Why, it’s just appaling to think of how these pesky little Jews are allowed to defend themselves, speak up for themselves, and thank their friends and allies who apparently lack the tolerance necessary to see and internal the beauty that is extremely hateful, violent Islamic fundamentalism in one form or another.

Full disclosure: When not satirizing politics and the insanities of extremism, Yasha Harari has fought for peace, built housing in Jerusalem and contributed to capitalism in internet, media and political organizations in the U.S., Europe and Israel.


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