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The significance of Purim for Jews today

We put this special Purim playlist together that explains the significance of this festive holiday for Jews all over the world today. Each title will connect you with one of the clips. There are a total of eight in the Purim Holiday playlist on my YouTube channel:

How We Became The People of Israel

When we came out of Babylon 4000 years ago as the group of Abraham that united according to the rule of Love Another As Yourself, this was something that the Babylonians did not agree to. So only a small group that came out with Abraham called themselves the People of Israel. It is actually a group that agreed to be united as one man with one heart in brotherly love.

Sharing The Method of Connection Will Help The World

The wisdom of Kabbalah is being revealed now to teach us to unite, and then we will become the light for the whole world. The world is in need of this method, to unite the world in a good harmonious system and the whole world will calm down. Then we will be appreciated instead of hated. Now is the time share it with the world, to be a light to the world, get rid of anti-Semitism and bring peace and tranquility to the whole world. It’s only up to us.

The Holiday of Purim: A Time To Unite

We have to unite above all our differences in order to bring the whole world to connection. We have to set an example.

We Have The Method For Correcting The World

In Babylon there was the same general crisis happening around the world as there is now, only in those days civilization was very small. But it was the same crisis as today. The ego really ruled them on the one hand – they hated each other. The Babylon Tower symbolizes the ego. On the other hand, they can’t unite. The ego distances them from one another. In order to keep existing they must unite. We received the method of how to do it from Abraham and since then we are the owners of that method. Nature is pushing us to connect but our ego wants to push everyone away.

Providing Example of Unity Will Stop anti-Semitism

If we unite the way we learn from the story of Purim, then we will be safe from destruction. We will be able to be in good relations with our neighbors which will erase anti-Semitism from the world altogether. The reason for anti-Semitism is us not setting an example to the nations of the world on how to come out of the general crisis, meaning how to unite.

The Right Way To Solve anti-Semitism

We don’t understand that we are dealing with the force of Nature that must return us to the right place. Not geographically – we can remain in whatever country we are in. But we must be united between us and with those in the land of Israel. And only then will we overcome our enemies. So our only weapon is not to fight against the enemy but rather for unity among us. We need a breakthrough – something new – against all those enemies around you that want to erase you. You don’t have anything except that force of unity where all the forces of nature are at your disposal working through you.

No Force In The World Can Stand Up To Our Unity

Haman forced us to unite and we came back to the land of Israel, and built the 2nd temple. And during the second temple the same thing happened again – we were united on a high level – as one man with one heart. If we unite there is no force in the world that can go against us.

How Mordechai United Us

Haman started talking about eradication of the Jews and what did Mordechai do? He started uniting them. He started telling everyone: if we unite, we’ll succeed. He explained how we would be destroyed in all the countries and so the Jews united. That is called fighting Haman. When we unite, we immediately drive away all enemies. This ended this spiritual war and the Jews returned from Babylon to the land of Israel.

Haman had a significant role in this process. The Jews didn’t want to unite, that’s why they were in exile. They didn’t have strength to unite. There has to be some kind of reason to unite.

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