The Silence of the Lambs

Over the last 24 hours, Southern Israel has been the target of a barrage of over 60 rockets and mortars that have been fired on her civilian population by terrorists in Gaza. Not militants, not freedom fighters but TERRORISTS. Five civilians have been critically injured and homes have been destroyed. Schools have been closed sending Israel’s children into their bomb shelters. The only noise heard over this are the cries of frustration coming from a country that has had enough of the constant belligerence shown by our neighbours and the wails of sirens that warn our civilians to take shelter. And the silence shown by the world at this violation of human rights is deafening.

We will be sure to hear the bleating of the lambs once Israel responds. And Israel will respond as is our right as a sovereign nation to protect our civilian population.

I was recently in the South of Israel and marveled at the fact that it is an agricultural miracle. Here, farmers hone the technology that allow this tiny State to help feed the world. Here in the south, emigres from Morocco, Kafkazia, Ethiopia and other nations have settled. The south is home to Israel’s only rocket proof kindergarten and only rocket proof high school. We don’t bleat, we build protection! I appeal to the international community, instead of castigating Israel ask why it is necessary for us to build schools that need rocket proofing?

By the way, rockets don’t care if you are Jewish or Muslim or Christian, what your politics are and where you come from. They are equal opportunity offenders. And in this case they are often stored and fired among the civilian population in Gaza. The use of women, children, schools, Mosques and even the zoo as launching pads and storage facilities should also be high on the list of international condemnation.

A few days ago US Presidential candidates, Obama and Romney, tried as hard as they could to outdo each other proving support for Israel. Israel was mentioned over 30 times in their debate but sadly neither has commented on the attacks of the last two days. Less lip service more tachlis please.

To the European Union who spend a whole lot of time discussing trade issues and entertaining boycott debates, can we hear less bleating about Israeli transgressions and more condemnation of rocket attacks please. Mr Ban Ki Moon, as much as I admire how you can kick it Gangnam style, can you drop it like its hot and open a can of whip ass on Hamas? UN Security Council, now that you have played musical chairs and have assumed new members can we get a shout out? Oh who am I kidding? It is only when there are Israeli reprisals will the bleating start. Baaaaaaaad Israel baaaaaad baaaaaad.

Are the lives of Israeli children less valuable? Are our citizens not counted amongst the family of nations? We have seen how other countries react when one rocket is fired at their territory and everyone nods their heads in agreement that some kind of counter measure should be taken. But the double-standard that exists when it comes toIsraelin uncanny. The audacity of those Israelis daring to fight back! What chutzpah!

But for now, we hear nothing. The lambs have gone silent.

About the Author
Rolene Marks is a freelance journalist. commentator and broadcaster, appearing on international radio, TV and print. Rolene Marks is based in Israel and serves as World WIZO Head of Public Diplomacy and the South African Zionist Federation spokesperson, both voluntary positions.