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The Sins of Fathers and Democrats

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We need to talk about what is happening in Israel and Gaza and what it means for Americans.

Every day, I tell myself that I will sit down and write a tome on the latest Middle East machinations, and at the end of every day, the emotional exhaustion of it all proves linguistically paralyzing.

Children should never have to pay for the sins of their fathers. Seeing the photographs of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad leaders’ children who were killed in the IDF’s surgical strike to take out their murderous fathers is gut wrenching. No one can look at the photos of those children smiling in life and not feel sick that they paid the ultimate price for their fathers’ crimes.

Hearing bewildered orphans crying and screaming in frustration for their parents is excruciating. No one can listen to the anguish of these lost souls and not want to wrap them in comfort.

Every time this happens, every time the Palestinian propaganda machine starts churning out truly horrific videos and images of collateral damage in the form of dead children, how can anyone help but feel devastated?

Rashida Tlaib knows this.

Francesca Albanese, the UN Special Rapporteur in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, knows this.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad knows this.

They also know that the combined effects of BDS, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch’s overt biases, the EU and UN’s constant, hypocritical condemnation of everything Israel says and does, and an openly hostile global media frenzy have dehumanized Israelis to the point that the launching of hundreds of missiles directly into civilian populated areas concerns no one and is even lauded as a legitimate act of resistance as opposed to the blatant war crime it is.

So gaslit are we that Tlaib unironically introduced a resolution in Congress on Tuesday after her celebration of “Nakba Day” in the Senate Chambers asking the Biden administration to treat Israel as perpetrator of genocide on the Palestinian people, while across the world more than 850 rockets were raining down indiscriminately on the heads of Israeli citizens from Gazan terrorists.

She wants the administration to apply the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act of 2018 to the “treatment of Palestinians by Israel.” The chutzpah! She fears Israel is about to cause “a second Nakba.”  All the while, Israelis sit in bunkers across the entire country hoping Iron Dome does not malfunction.

And where is the Democratic party leadership? Bernie Sanders and Jamie Raskin appear to be a fans of the Squad’s efforts to eradicate their own people. Betty McCollum wants us to stop supporting Israel’s military so that the 850 rockets can actually land on people instead of being shot out of the sky by Iron Dome before they do any harm. AOC, Jamaal Bowman, Corey Bush, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Pramila Jayapal,… the list goes on and on of Democrats who openly express rejectionist views of Israel’s basic right to exist and defend itself.

There is no point in sugar coating it. It is outright rejectionism.

Why cannot the mainstream Democrats reign in the Squad? An anti-Semitic fervor has taken hold of the Democratic Party and progressivism in general, much like an infectious contagion with no cure. I no longer believe that this illness contaminates only the far left of the party. It has infected the base and become the mainstream view.

Elected representatives in the United States of America have proposed legislation supporting the denial of Iron Dome to Israelis citizens so that *THEY MAY DIE IN MASSIVE NUMBERS FROM THOUSANDS OF ROCKETS FIRED ON THEM EACH YEAR.*

That is all that such legislation means. It means let the Israelis die. Allow another Holocaust.

That is the only genocidal risk at hand. And it is real.

It is as real as the 866 rockets that have fallen in the past day all over the country, unlike Tlaib’s garbage legislation, which is based in fantasy alone. Palestinian population numbers continue to skyrocket, demonstrating the farcical nature of genocidal claims.
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Here’s a brief, factual summary of what occurred this week: Jews conducted a surgically precise military raid to remove three terrorist masterminds behind the firing of more than 100 rockets in one week in addition to numerous murders over decades (including the murder of an 8-month pregnant mother and her four young daughters in 2002). Family members of those terrorists very tragically died in the raid, but the precision of the strike was such that the apartment next door still had the lights on and was untouched. Albanese called the attack “unprovoked” in flagrant disregard for the human rights of Israelis who had been hiding in shelters all week, and the world condemned Israel for trying to protect its people from missiles pounding the towns outside of Gaza. Palestinian Islamic Jihad has since poured hundreds more rockets on Israeli civilians all over the country.

The world doesn’t need legislation to protect the Palestinians from genocide. It is Jews who are at risk of another genocide. Jews are not threatening anyone with extinction. Palestinian leaders, Iranian leaders, and every Islamic fundamentalist entity on Earth threaten Jews with extinction on a daily basis. They shout it from mosques, Al Jazeera, Twitter, the UN General Assembly floor – wherever they can grab a microphone.

I fear someday someone will look back on Tlaib’s legislation in the wake of a second Holocaust as another “moment in history” when people missed what was coming. I fear for the children in Gaza whose parents hate Israel more than they love their own families. I fear for the Gazan children on whom at least 80 PIJ rockets have fallen inadvertently (you don’t hear much about that, do you?). I fear for my friends and family who are sitting in bunkers and shelters throughout Israel, or with shoes by the door in case of a siren, and whose hearts are racing at the deafening sound and earth-shaking pounding of Iron Dome doing its good work to protect human life.

Stop apologizing for these Democrats. Stop waiting for them to take control of this sickness. This is no longer about whether you care more for a domestic agenda or a foreign policy agenda. This is not about whether you think abortion rights are more important to you when you vote than policy towards Israel.

This is about the future of our people. This is about the survival of Jews in a new historical cycle of barbarism.

Are there right-wing nutters and Nazis who vote Republican? Sure. And they should be called and culled out.

But I have yet to see a single Republican elected in Congress openly craft and propose legislation proactively supporting the death of Jews or holding an event at the Capitol commiserating the fact that five Arab armies failed to annihilate 600,000 Jews in 1948, only three years after the end of the Holocaust.

I can’t explain how we got here. It’s been a twisted and terrifying journey, but the Democrats are no longer the party of Jews. We must wake up before it is too late.

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Ellen Ginsberg Simon is an attorney and compliance professional. She has an M.Phil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies from Oxford University and is also a graduate of Brown University and Harvard Law School.
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