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UN: Renewed violence shows Israeli-Palestinian talks vital | The Times of Israel


Are these talks really very vital?


They are — but only if provision can be made for results that go some considerable way towards achieving a better relationship between Israelis and Palestinians.

At the moment, there is none to speak of.

All that exists is an uneasy stalemate, an almost tacit acceptance that neither party is about to back down significantly from what have long been previously stated positions and objectives. Current talks, be they on the subject of peace, final status agreement or future coexistence, are the brainchild of the US administration and giving birth looks set to be a much lengthier process than was originally planned. Indeed, any delivery at all seems far from guaranteed.

Then what can be guaranteed?

The struggle and the conflict between these two peoples will go on while the rest of the world stands by and does nothing. Except, that is, to sympathise with each side’s dilemma and then supply massive armaments and funding to their respective combat groups.

After 66 years of this, you would think that the human race could at least do a bit better than that.

Is this a better option?

If it is, then humanity must decide on the matter at some point.

And what better method could there be than that of allowing the situation itself to become the source of its very own remedy?

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