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The spiritual and energetic doors that open in these 10 terrible days

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In the Jewish world, the ten terrible days that run from the New Year (Rosh Ha Shana or head of the year) to the day of forgiveness or Yom Kippur have just passed.

A dear friend has asked me to tell her what these dates mean from the point of view of Kabbalah.

Obviously, it is the only point of view that I can comment, because I do not go to synagogues, I am not kosher nor do I pretend to delve into a rabbinical explanation.

As a precedent for lay people, I make the Wikipedia-like clarification that since the beginning of the month of Tishrei (which usually coincides in the Hebrew lunar calendar with September and the autumn equinox), when the Rosh Ha Shana festival is celebrated there are ten terrible days until Yom Kippur, as we already said.

The biblical story tells that when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the first tables of the law, he found the tribes worshiping a golden calf.

They asked for forgiveness, and prayed for 10 days (the 10 days of anger, the terrible days), until Yom Kippur or day of forgiveness arrived, a day of prayer, fasting, where you cannot bathe, you cannot have sex, and all all other kosher restrictions.

The indication of these rituals by the religious tradition is because it is interpreted that it is a day to forgive others, to ask forgiveness for the ills and pains caused by us to others, and to forgive ourselves for being what we are-fallible humans-, etc.

The Kabbalistic explanation is a bit different, as it occurs on a more astral energy plane.

Moses told the tribes that he was going to be 40 days on Mount Sinai, and to wait for him until he brought the word of God.

This is the reason why some Kabbalists say that for a correction, a change of skin or an update of the spiritual system of each person, 40 days of effort and discipline are required, maintaining the new behavior, to achieve the correction or teshuva. Does the word “quarantine” sound familiar to you now?

The tribes waited 39 days and 18 hours, they did not have patience, and 6 hours before closing the deadline, they were scared and asked Aaron to make them the golden calf, to which he agreed, because he knew it was a descent or correction that they had to live and that nobody could avoid. It was part of the Plan of the Creation. Otherwise, the people would not have learned. Or you learn by studying, or receiving sticks kicks. We Jews and Venezuelans know a lot about that …

According to Kabbalah, this anxiety is a reflection of fear. Likewise, according to Kabbalah, the two feelings, energies or lights that exist in the universe are fear and love. It is what other ancient wisdoms call good and evil, light and darkness, say, those essential dichotomies that are spread throughout the world, and that function as part of the Jung-style collective unconscious.

Everything else you see are mixed feelings, lights or energies derived from these two essential forces, which we perceive in a very varied way due to our senses and our position in the universe.

Can the universe be understood and ordered with two basic forces, with two essential factors? Perhaps you remember that today’s computers are binary, and only use the digits, 0 and 1, to create the entire gigantic technological structure that supports our lives today.

Moses had absolute love and trust, that’s why nothing happened to him, except not entering into the promised land, but that’s another story.

The tribes were afraid, they did not wait, and unleashed the terrible forces of the so-called accusing angels (which were deep down their own fears and skepticism of divine providence), the kicks of the ego, of the desire to receive a false security even if it were through idolatry. Idolatric metaphysical comfort.

Now, energetically, astrally, what happens in these days of the year, according to Kabbalistic authors?

Well, it is curious that precisely in these terrible days is when lethal things have always happened for the Jews: a) the golden calf b) the destruction of the first temple c) the destruction of the second temple d) Hitler’s final solution e) the fall of the twin towers (not 100% Jewish, but terrible) f) the total closure of the country due to the rebound in the COVID19 pandemic …

This month or lunar cycle, for the Mayans, is complicated, and also for other ancient wisdoms.

It seems that when the earth passes in its solar orbital rotation movement through this area near the autumnal equinox, it is as if it were crossing over a spiritual Bermuda triangle.

I do not know about astrology, but I bet double versus simple that this discipline also perceives alterations and strong energy turbulence these days.

A tradition that I have picked up from the Kabbalist Javier Wolcoff -and that comes from the ARI- points out that the download speed of data emanating from the Zeir Ampin server in this area, through which we pass once a year, simply shoots up.

If we continue to mix computing with the ARI Isaac Luria systems, there are those who believe that in this area and at this time of year, we access the mother code of the Creation Plan, which is why we can re-program our operating system in the emotional field, the spiritual, the family, the work, the financial, the health and the cosmic realms, for the entire coming year.

That is why this is a joy journey for many Kabbalists, who want to trash old codes, and update their spiritual systems for the new year.

This rescheduling lasts ten days, until Yom Kippur, and it is arduous, painful, because it hurts the ego, it collapses what we have believed and defended for a whole year, and that is why these days feel so terrible.

From the point of view of Kabbalah, forgiveness and repentance do not fit here, because the word teshuva literally means “correction”, as if you removed a virus from your software or updated it with a new, improved version.

That is why sweets are eaten at New Years, to promote a sweet and good year, that is, it is programmed through food and kosher rituals for those who do not have the desire to delve into the fourth level explanation of the Torah that it implies the wisdom of Kabbalah.

For Kabbalists, kosher behavior exists and is not discussed, and it is also very important, but from the cabalistic point of view it is perceived that the energy gap and access to the mother code lasts open for 10 days, and it must be taken advantage of.

It is as if you found a wifi without password that allows you to run at an infinite speed, and download applications and games that you could never get even with 5K speed. It is like going from a current computer to a quantum computer.

But you cannot run at that speed of navigation for more than 10 days, because the feeling is too terrible, it can be epiphanic, and it can melt you. Your hardware has not yet been designed to run at such speed. Perhaps, when the Massiach generation arrives, we will run at this speed, and even children will be able to do it, according to the prophets.

Why do so many ancient traditions speak of a crucial energetic moment on this date of the year for the Northern Hemisphere? I don’t know, but the truth is that for millennia, human beings in various parts of the world have felt and documented it.

I have felt it in a brutal way this year, until today, but the acceleration and the feeling that we can call “terrible” has already diminished in intensity, because Yom Kippur ended.

What is this interval for, my friend asks me again?

To evaluate us, to reschedule us. And that is very hard.

More than asking for forgiveness, or forgiving without wanting to change – “another Yom Kippur will come and I will ask for forgiveness again”, and the cycle continues – it is about understanding ourselves and why we did and continue to do those things that separate us from what we should be like divine creatures. Why the self sabotage.

Following the Kabbalist Mario Saban, I would say that it is out of fear.

And according to Kabbalah, even if you feel that it is necessary to forgive and ask for forgiveness, as well as forgive yourself, it turns out that you can also do this out of fear of supposed divine punishment, karma, or due to the feeling of guilt that gives you remorse.

The problem, from Kabbalah, is that fear generates everything that we have listed in these terrible days. So the solution should be another.

That is why the shofar is blown to scare away the accusing angels, to scare away the fear and selfishness, so that we are all alert and awake.

Do not be fooled by fear disguised as a thousand things, with a thousand faces, with a thousand tricks and arguments that will seem to you very coherent and “wise” while the solution will seem silly, stupid, childish, unworthy of a person as cunning as you are.

What to do then?

Take advantage of the gap – there is still a chance – to reprogram, to make teshuva or correction of fear that is the cause of all the evils listed in these terrible days. With the opposite feeling, with love.

You see? It seems you like a stupid solution, or at least impossible. You are a genius … You deserve another 10 terrible days, for a whole year, until you learn …

But if you are able to reprogram yourself for a life in which the energy, the light or the key digit is just the opposite of fear, where there is more love than fear, you will be taken advantage of Yom Kippur.

It sounds like a self-help program, but it is an older wisdom, it is Kabbalah.

How to convert fear, selfishness, self-sabotage and neurosis into trust (emunah), into light and fullness, how to run or surf with updated software on this new world, on this pandemic that has brought us to a halt, it is just the way that the Kabbalists of this generation have undertaken.

I attest from Caracas (and my countrymen know what this means) that it is something absolutely possible.

It was even more difficult from the lagers, from the concentration camps during World War II, and many Jews did it, and they emerged to create the State of Israel.

For me, the journey has been worth it.

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Óscar Reyes-Matute (Matu / מאתו), lives in Caracas. He's a philosopher graduated at Andrés Bello Catholic University, with a Master in Political Science at USB. He has been Fulbright Visiting Scholar at NYU on American Studies, and professor of political philosophy at UCAB and UCV. He has published academic papers in universities of Venezuela and Europe, and articles in several newspapers. Since 2008, he is dedicated to study Kabbalah at the Bnei Baruch Institute in Petaj Tikva, while works as writer of cinema and television screenplays. He's liryc tenor. Be aware, after a glass of wine, he suddenly can start to sing "Nessun Dorma!"
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