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The State of the Union – In My Opinion, It’s the Worst in My Lifetime

Presently, the State of the Union is….Please read on for my opinion as to the SOTU. Some of you will not like it. Parts of it may offend you. But it is the hard, unvarnished truth as I see it.

In accordance with Article II, Section 3, Clause 1 of the US Constitution the President “shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” The Constitution does not offer any specifics, such as the date and manner of delivery.

President George Washington delivered the initial SOTU in person to a joint session of Congress on January 1, 1801. Thereafter, most presidents have chosen to deliver a written report. In 1913 President Woodrow Wilson broke with tradition and commenced the practice of delivering the SOTU in person. Later, with the advent of radio and then TV the SOTU began to be communicated live to a nationwide and worldwide audience. Traditionally, presidents have delivered the SOTU between January 1 and March 1.

Typically, presidents utilize the SOTU to give a positive account of their past accomplishments and prospective plans. Political sycophants in the audience frequently interrupt the speech with applause while political opponents often just sit stone-faced. Most viewers are aware that the SOTU is short on facts and long on politics and theatre. Fact checkers would have a field day. As the expression goes, “it is what it is.”

As I said, the purpose of this blog is for me to deliver my own “State of the Union.” You may agree or disagree as you wish. As always, comments are welcome.

In my view, the State of the Union is….. the worst that I can recall in my lifetime. You all know that I am not a fan of President Biden, aka “Feckless Joe,” but the situation speaks for itself. In the interest of time and space I have restricted my delineation to just the major points. Regular readers will note that I have discussed all of these points more comprehensively in previous blogs.

Feckless President – I know many of you will find it a disrespectful characterization, and I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but the empirical evidence is overwhelming. One can see it almost every day with one’s own eyes, i.e. the memory lapses, stumbling and bumbling, falling asleep in meetings, inability to answer questions coherently in a press conference or even to hold them at all. His handlers try to hide him and limit his exposure, but it doesn’t fool anyone. It is most embarrassing to both him and us. He is a cognitively-impaired, weak president who is easily manipulated by his advisors, and this is also obvious to both allies and enemies. This has nothing to do with his policies, which are another matter entirely.

Security – A majority of Americans are very concerned about their safety. They are afraid to travel or even leave their homes. They know our southern border is like a sieve. Every day, they see and read news reports of large groups of illegal migrants crossing over without being vetted, without any restrictions. We have no idea how many have crossed since Feckless Joe took office, where they came from, where they are now and what their intentions are. Many of them are likely terrorists, criminals, or other undesirables. It is not a question of if, but when, we will suffer through another “9/11.” Also, the cost to support them is enormous. Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, has refused even to admit there is a problem with the border, much less offer solutions. Recently, he testified before Congress, and he was unable or unwilling to state how many illegals had crossed since Feckless Joe took office. Estimates run as high as eight million. Mayorkas is in over his head and needs to be replaced or impeached.

Wars/Conflicts – Suddenly, it seems as though there are multiple wars and conflicts around the globe, any one of which could drag us into a wider war or even a world war. (You may recall that when Feckless Joe took office there were none.) For example, we are supporting Ukraine against its war with Russia. There is the omnipresent danger that that war could expand to entangle NATO allies, such as Poland, which we are committed to defend. Even just supporting Ukraine with material is costing us billions of dollars. China has long had designs on Taiwan. I don’t believe they are concerned with the US defending Taiwan. It seems likely it is just biding its time before annexing it. Hamas brutally and barbarically attacked Israel. We are obligated to defend our only reliable ally in the M. E. There is the real threat of a wider war encompassing Syria, Hezbollah, Iran, and others which are furious with us for supporting Israel. Feckless Joe is still advocating a cease fire and appears to favor a two-state solution as do many other people on the left. The Administration is continuing to pressure Israel in that direction. That is a non-starter. Neither side wants a cease fire right now nor a two-state solution. We are well past that. Hamas’ leadership has stated over and over again that they want to annihilate the Jews. They have boasted they will attack repeatedly until that goal has been achieved. We would be well advised to take them at their word. On the other hand, Israeli leadership has stated repeatedly it intends to retaliate in strength and destroy Hamas once and for all to eliminate the possibility of future massacres. That is a sound strategy, and we should support it. Hamas is still holding hundreds of hostages, including many Americans. With respect to Iran let’s not forget that Feckless Joe has allowed it to develop nuclear capability, and Russia and China are allies of Iran with their own nuclear arsenals. Even Turkey, a longtime ally, has been saber-rattling against us. A recent poll published in The Hill reported that 80% of Americans are concerned that the Hamas-Israeli War could spill over to a wider war and/or engender terrorist attacks in the US. 80%! When was the last time 80% of Americans agreed on anything? The other 20% must be either braindead, oblivious, or living in a cave.

Corruption – The corruption of the Biden Family, including, among others, Joe, Jim and Hunter, has been well-documented over the last several years, even before Joe became vice president. To me, the evidence of bribery and corruption is strong and compelling, but it has been suppressed effectively by a friendly media. His objectivity in dealing with other countries may very well have been compromised. Some of his actions might even have risen to the level of treason. Currently, the House is investigating. Many people feel that the FBI, the Justice Department, and other Federal agencies are biased against Republicans and those who criticize the Administration. They waste their time and resources investigating them instead of the terrorists in our midst.

Antisemitism – I covered this issue comprehensively in my last three blogs. The bottom line is that this has become the number one problem in America and the world. The current situation has become eerily similar to that of the 1930’s in Nazi Germany. America is “the land of the free.” We have the Bill of Rights, which is supposed to prevent this kind deprivation of human rights that is being visited upon the Jews people at the present time. The Administration has not been forceful in condemning the virulent antisemitism that is manifesting itself currently in the US and the world at large. Feckless Joe needs to condemn antisemitism in the strongest possible language and direct the Department of Justice and state and local law enforcement to identify and aggressively pursue and punish the perpetrators whether they be college administrators, college students, general agitators, or anyone else. His passivity is exacerbating the situation. He can start by calling out the politicians in his own party who have been openly antisemitic in words and deeds. Rashida Talib, for one, should be censured. Instead, he and his vice president are focusing on Islamophobia. Huh? Maybe I missed it, but I have not noticed any Islamophobia recently. I guess in the Administration’s bizarro world there has been.

Crime – Crime is, quite simply, out of control in many locales. Far left DAs will not prosecute most crimes. Due to no-bail policies criminals are normally released before the paperwork on their arrest is completed. People simply fear for their safety. The rights of the criminals have superseded the rights of the victims.


The foregoing were merely the most serious problems in my view. I could have included more, but there are time and space limitations. In any event, I think you all get the point.

According to the latest Gallup Poll Biden’s approval rating is down to 37% and sinking fast. However, incredibly, despite all of the foregoing all the polls denote that he and Donald Trump, the likely GOP nominee, are within a couple of points of each other. Go figure. It makes no sense to me, except that it appears that a large portion of the electorate is still being deceived by a biased media.

As has often been said, elections have consequences. I wonder how many Jews who voted for Biden and the Dems are now having second thoughts. I wonder how many of the people that are now afraid we are on the brink of WWIII, that are unhappy with the plethora if illegals pouring into our country, that are afraid to leave their homes, that are afraid of crime and/or terrorist attacks voted for Biden and the Dems. I wonder how many of them will repeat the same mistake in November.

In summary, the state of the union is the worst it has been in my lifetime. If not corrected, it could easily cause Feckless Joe the 2024 election and the Dems control of Congress. If only.

In my opinion, it exceeds WWII, the Cold War period and the Cuban Missile Crisis, which were all very serious in their own right. The difference is that the others were the result of external causes; the current state of affairs is being caused primarily by internal forces. In other words, the US is destroying itself from within. The current level of hate is literally far beyond anything else in our recent history. It is rapidly metastasizing out of control, and no one can predict where it will end.

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Larry was born and raised in New York. He is 73 years old. He has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and a Masters Degree in Marketing Management, and worked in the financial industry for 42 years in accounting and Compliance. Larry is also a veteran, whose hobbies are reading and golf. He has been writing a blog for three years, which is being read by people in 90 countries.
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