”The Stockholm Syndrome“ and the Painful Demise of Sweden

When I was a child, Sweden was epitomized by the Norse mythologies.

In the Land of the Midnight Sun, the girls had yards of white blonde hair, straight as an Aryan arrow, legs longer than anything legal, and a mega bright smile with teeth so white they could blind you.

The men were Vikings- strong, gorgeous, tanned with piercing blue eyes that smiled with a perceived acceptance of all that was good and decent and wholesome.

It was the land of the Volvo, freelove, and ABBA, a country that seemed to embrace true social democracy, represent fair play, a commitment to provide equal opportunity for all, a desire to help others and a determination to create level playing fields in all aspects of their society.

And then — it changed.

Not all at once — but slowly, like rock that erodes, by having a solid trickling of water that grooves fissures that deepen and widen as time goes on.

How did this happen?

In the 1970s, Sweden became the recipient of its own social experiment. The Swedes bought into their own concept of equality and socialist morality and opened their immigration to the displaced, the “persecuted”, the perceived underdogs of global society. They opened their doors to migrants and refugees from Africa and The Middle East and extended to them the possibility of their partaking of the Swedish Dream.

Many immigrants were grateful and embraced this golden opportunity. They entered Swedish society and became assimilated, became secular, became “progressive”.

But there were others who came- with their own agenda, their own rules, their own intransigent ideologies. They weren’t interested in Swedish mores; they weren’t interested in Swedish rules of fair play and equality. They weren’t interested in the Swedish way of life. And not only did they want to keep their customs, they wanted to force them on the Swedes as well.

As time went on and as others came, mostly from restrictive Muslim societies, the Swedish utopian vision morphed into something else- something dark and negative. Something highly critical of Western values and morality, something judgmental, something inherently intolerant and restrictive.

These hordes arrived, with their fierce eyes and anger, with their tales of woe and oppression and they seduced the Swedes. They brought a narrative that was anti-West, anti-tolerance, and anti-Semitic — and the Swedes bought into it. These hostile immigrants brought with themselves a deep-rooted misogyny, an insistence on implementing sharia law, demands for their dress codes and their codes of ethics being imposed throughout Sweden.

Little by little, the Swedes, in their “political correctness”
became more and more accepting of this fanaticism, more and more accepting of an ideology that was an anathema of Western values, and, by extension, more and more critical of Israel.

Welcome to the Swedish nightmare, the kind of hell that can only happen when heaven is rejected.

Now, we have a Sweden where there are no-go zones, no-go cities; entire mini cities within places like Malmo where no non Muslim — not the police, not the fire department, not the medical emergency people — no non-Muslim will enter. Why? Because non-Muslims are not safe there; if they dare enter, they will not go in for more than a few feet before hostile men surround them and let them know with certainty that they are unsafe there. Swedes and other non-Muslims are not welcome in a Sharia controlled environment.

Sweden has become one of Europe’s worst countries for rape. Those long legged blondes are now in chronic danger for their lives, in their own country. They are subjected to vicious rape games, the kind that have just started getting reported after the New Year’s incidence in Cologne, Germany. Rape, harassment, murder- this has all become commonplace in Sweden.

But this information, like the “no-go” zones, has been covered up, ignored, swept under the carpet. If a reporter even dares mention it, like a few tried to do last year, they have been criticized and demonized — so much for truth and disclosure, honesty and reality. Political correctness, at all costs, is the name of the game.

This insanity goes even further.

Accepting more refugees, without proper vetting of documentation has continued in Sweden.

To house these migrants, the Swedish government has seriously considered appropriating Swedish summer homes.

The Swedes have gone down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole into a topsy-turvy upside down world of crazy.

How did this travesty even happen?

The Stockholm Syndrome — “captive bonding” — is when victims, people who have been kidnapped or held hostage fall under their captors’ spell. The victims begin to admire, support even love their enslavers. They often times not only support them, but they also become disciples to their captors’ ideology and end up working for them.

One of the most famous Stockholm Syndrome examples was Patty Hearst, who was kidnapped by a terrorist group, was brainwashed and then joined them in their cause, until she was rescued and de-programmed.

I find a particular irony to Sweden falling prey to the Stockholm Syndrome, named after Sweden’s capital city.

The Swedes, as victims seem to admire, respect and even love their captors, their jailors, their enslavers. The Swedes are a perfect example of victims supporting their captors.

The Swedes have become hostage and have been “kidnapped” en masse by a violent, misogynistic, intolerant anti-Semitic ideology. They have been brainwashed to blame Israel — and by extension, the Jews — for all the world’s woes.

The epitome of this tragic and misguided mindset is Sweden’s foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom. This perpetrator of hate has actually libeled Israelis, the people who have protected themselves against the murdering thugs who stab pregnant women and mothers and rabbis and children-by condemning these Israelis for “extrajudicial killings.”

This incident is not isolated. After the tragedy of the Paris massacres, Wallstrom had the audacity to turn this horrific situation into a further indictment of Israel. She has personally poisoned Swedish-Israeli relations to the point that Swedish government officials are not welcome in Israel. Israelis have taken to boycotting Sweden and very recently, a contingent of Israeli mayors have stated that they will not attend a conference of mayors being held in Sweden.

Wallstrom, an uneducated woman, who only finished high school, has been nurtured and supported by other Israel bashers, like Mary Robinson and various groups at the United Nations — a bastion of anti-Israel and anti Zionist sentiments.

Her ignorance and stupidity can further be demonstrated by her twisted notion of feminism where she has been appointed — of course by the U.N.! — to committees ostensibly fighting rape and rape culture.

Maybe someone should point out the huge incidents of rape happening in her own country — but that would not be cohesive with her own bizarre and misguided agenda. And, truth be told, she would figure out a way of blaming Israel for that as well!

One can only pray that the Swedes wake up — and sooner rather than later! — and take back their country, their values, their true sense of social justice. One can only pray that they throw Margot Wallstrom and others of her ilk out of Swedish government and they, the Swedes come back to some level of normalcy.

I would like to toast this idea by raising a glass of Aquuavit and saying “Skol” — Cheers! — but I have two reasons for not doing so.

First of all, I wouldn’t want to buy anything Swedish — not Acquuavit, not a Volvo, not Ikea — and secondly, in a country where Sharia law wants to outlaw drinking, it would be forbidden to toast with alcohol.

So, on second thought, with a beautiful glass of Golan wine in hand — Skol!!!!Skol!!!!!! Skol!!!!!!

About the Author
Vivienne Grace Ziner is a vociferous and outspoken activist, advocate, writer and speaker for international human rights, the global advancement of human dignity and the cause of Israel and the Jewish people.
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