The targeting of Jews in America

Another attack on a Chabad synagogue exactly six months to the day to the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This time in a quiet suburb of San Diego, California. Amid the allegations is an alarming truth. Jews in America are not as safe as they used to be. The details of this last shooting are still unfolding and muddled. It is hard to conclude anything at this time because today’s news media is so fraught with unsubstantiated reports, it makes one reluctant to believe anything they put out. However, it seems that the perpetrator was a 19-year old white supremacist. That’s not a surprise. The surprise is that he allegedly left a manifesto declaring his disdain for President Donald Trump because of his unwavering support of Israel. This is where the anti-Semitic dots join the far left and far right in a common cause.

A recent Jerusalem Post editorial pointed out the gradual leftist anti-Israel feeling in America. Major American Jewish groups have aligned themselves with the far left wing of the Democratic party that calls for a two-state Israeli-Palestinian resolution. They will give you a tongue-in-cheek repour that they are anti-Israel not anti-Jewish.  The newly elected congresswomen from Minnesota and Michigan are the main protagonists in this anti-Israel movement. They have denounced Israel and made anti-Semite remarks with very little opposition from mainstream Democrats . The most insidious of the two women is Omar Ilhan. Her public disdain of Israel leaves nothing to the imagination. She lately implied that US banks and politics are influenced by “Benjamins”. She is not the only one who baits and eggs on anti-Israel rhetoric. Her “twin” charmer Rashida Tlaib openly supports BDS and has accused members of congress of having “dual loyalty”. These two women are part of the junior trio in congress that run amok in a Democratic party moving fast toward leftist socialist agenda where Israel or Jewish interests are no longer a priority or even desired.

While the news media was still deciphering the shooting in California, The New York Times editorial pinheads decided to allow an anti-Semite stereo typical cartoon in their weekend international edition. The cartoon showed a yarmulke clad blind Trump led by a dachshund with a Star of David collar and the face of Benjamin Netanyahu. Priceless. The New York Times has since apologized and removed the cartoon, but the question remains; why was it allowed in the first place? What was The New York Times trying to convey? That Trump is a Jew? That Israel controls the US?

Pre-war anti-Semitism in Europe had its roots in similar cartoons. An underhanded and seemingly harmless way to demean and justify. Often depicting Jews as dogs and monkeys, Nazi era cartoons were effective. Reducing Jews to the lowest human denominator allowed their dehumanization and cooperation to round them up for extermination. Europe still indulges itself in tropes that subtly depict Jews as greedy or the root of all troubles. Last week in Poland, during Holy Week,  a small town continued the grotesque custom of  dragging and beating an effigy of a Jew. This “tradition” would have remained unnoticed had not social media spread it and shared it. The Catholic church in Poland has now come out and forbade the ritual to continue. Why was it allowed in the first place? As always; too little, too late.

The US Congress led by Democrats gives lip service and limpidly apologizes while nebulously passes anti-racist acts without specifics. Nancy Pelosi and her now aged clique of the “old guard” have lost total control and cannot rein in Omar, Rashida, and the dolt from Queens. All three junior congresswomen have been given a slap on the wrist and still allowed to run amok. But the problem is deeper than that. The new generation of American Jews are themselves leaning far left and showing signs of anti-Israel sentiment. They seem to be immune to the deep resentment against Israel and Israelis.

Prior to the 2019 AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) in early spring, several politicians led by Omar Ilhan refused to attend, playing into the false narrative that AIPAC is a Republican right wing leaning organization supporting Netanyahu. Amazingly enough, it was The New York Times that debunked that argument in a March 22, 2019 opinion column by Mark Horowitz (The Case for AIPAC). Mark Horowitz exposed the disingenuous anti-Israel argument by the progressive left. AIPAC has never endorsed any political party in the US. Those who address the conference are bi partisan because support of Israel has always crossed party lines. The majority of Americans still overwhelmingly support Israel. However, Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) who had addressed the conference in 2017, declined the invitation this year, siding with the anti-Israel rhetoric of Omar Ilhan. The verbiage is very familiar; Jews have too much power in US politics and AIPAC is to blame.

Anti-Israel and anti-Semite talking points use AIPAC as the “dog whistle”. They argue that Jews influence politics, especially foreign policy, and that Jews in Congress are biased by nature of their alliances to Israel. Sordid as it might seem, this warped thinking is gaining momentum. The accusations of Jewish lobbying runs rampant in progressive circles without giving much thought to the logical conclusion that any interested group lobbies for its right to be heard and exist. Labor unions, pro-Abortion, Anti-Abortion, Arab-Americans, environmentalists, all lobby for political support. So why is AIPAC vilified as political and partisan demagoguery?

According to Johanna Markind, an anti-Semitism, radical Islam, and criminal law attorney; attacks against Jews and Jewish properties have been rising since 2014 in the US. Between 2014-2015, the FBI saw a 9% rise in both actual and attempted attacks on Jews. But evidence is circumstantial at best. Most anti-Semite groups attempt to use the stereotypical neo-Nazi symbols to deflect from being recognized. According to the FBI, frequent attacks fall under two perpetrators, white supremacists or radical Muslims. But the Anti-Defamation-League admits that little is known about the attackers. In 2015 an approximate list of perpetrators by ethnicity was compiled, and the two top groups are white and black. Both showing an increase from 2014 in attacks against Jews. Although, the white supremacists are responsible for approximately 14% of the attacks, the question remains on who are the rest?

A problem with accurate reporting is the media. They assume and jump to premature conclusions that anti-Semitism is always perpetrated by neo-Nazi white thugs. This was proven wrong when in December 2016, in Chandler, Arizona, a menorah was defaced and twisted in the shape of a Swastika. The Washington Post immediately reported that the Swastika was a Nazi symbol quickly implying neo-Nazi involvement. The perpetrator was Clive Jamar Wilson and his three minor friends. They were African-American. Rise in anti-Semitism on campuses is predominately left leaning and associated with BDS and SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine). In March 2010, Muslim SJP leader Husam Zakharia beat up a Jewish student who had disagreed with him. Between 2005-2016, there have been approximately 12 documented attacks or foiled attacks against Jews or Jewish interests. These are the ones that made the news or were reported to the FBI. Others have never seen the light of day on main stream media and remained undocumented.

The current blasé attitude of congressional leadership in regard to open anti-Semite tropes and innuendo is beyond disturbing. The trend has already been founded in the inability of the Democratic lead congress to call “a spade a spade”. The congressional leadership has yet been able to openly address the anti-Semitism of both Omar Ilhan and Rashida Tlaib . No wonder The New York Times had no qualms printing an obscene cartoon in their newspaper. I am sure that if another newspaper had a trope on Arabs, The New York Times would have had an editorial hernia. The double standard elevates insidious to visceral. The cartoon on The New York Times and the progressive left seals the argument that the US has reached a point where “never again” is fast approaching.

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Judith was born in Malta but is also a naturalized American. Former military wife (23 years), married, and currently retired from the financial world as Bank Manager. Spent the last 48 years associated or working for the US forces overseas. Judith has a blog on www.judith60dotcom Judith speaks several languages and is currently learning Hebrew.