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The Temple Mount is in Hamas’ hands

It doesn’t matter how many Hamas tunnels are destroyed. It doesn’t even matter how many Hamas terrorists are killed. It doesn’t matter as long as the Temple Mount is in Hamas’ hands.

Destroying the Hamas tunnels in Israel is like removing cancer from one’s body. But what’s the point of saving someone from cancer if his heart is in a vice grip that is squeezing out it’s life force. Sound dramatic? That’s because it is.

Jews care about the Temple Mount. Right? Of course they do. It’s the place G-d chose to place His name. It’s the Gateway to Heaven. It’s where the Temple stood twice and will stand again. It’s the heart of Israel. So I think it’s safe to assume that Jews care.

But perhaps Jews don’t know what is happening on the Temple Mount. Surely that is the reason there has not been a national outcry. Jews don’t know that there is an emergency on the Temple Mount. They must not know that it is being controlled by Hamas.

Hamas rallies are regularly held on the Temple Mount.  Even during Operation Protective Edge.

Hamas rally on July 11 (Photo Credit: Temple Institue)
Hamas rally on July 11 (Photo Credit: The Temple Institue)

Hamas held a “summer camp” for children on the Temple Mount.  The children even got to participate in a mob attacking Jews on the Temple Mount.

Hamas even pays rioters to induce incitement against Jews on the Temple Mount.  According to the Jewish Press, “A Hamas official captured by the Shabak (Israel’s General Security Service) last month spilled the beans during his interrogation on how Hamas operates and is funded, particularly in Jerusalem.  Mahmoud Toameh was caught trying to sneak into Israel from Jordan, the Shabak announced. One of the more important pieces of information Toameh revealed was how Hamas works with the Israeli-Arab Islamic Movement to keep Jews off the Temple Mount – the Jewish people’s holiest site. Hamas pays hundreds of men between NIS 4000 to NIS 5000 a month to always be on the Temple Mount and to harass and throw stones at Jews who go up to visit the holy site.”

I experienced these paid hecklers myself while ascending the Temple Mount in June. Although I’m not Jewish, I was with a Jewish group, hence the Arabs felt the need to shout “allahu achbar!” at me and my children.  At least they didn’t throw rocks at us, spit at us, or pull my childrens’ hair as they have recently done to groups of Jews, including groups with children.

Bottom-line, Hamas knows what Jews should know: “He who controls the Mount, controls the Land.” And in an effort to control the Mount, Hamas is trying to control, and doing a good job I might add, the Jewish presence on the Temple Mount. Unfortunately, the Israeli government and police are playing right into Hamas’ hands.

Sure, every once and awhile, the Knesset will hold a meeting about “the situation” on the Temple Mount. Statements are issued that Jews will be allowed uninhibited access to the Temple Mount. Instructions are given to the police to provide greater access and security for Jewish worshipers on the Temple Mount. But those instructions somehow get lost in translation. The irony is whenever Jews are allowed to ascend the Mount, they risk getting arrested to appease the Arab leadership, including Hamas.

On August 7, Rabbanit Tzipora Pilitz was arrested on the Temple Mount. According to witnesses, when a Jewish photographer crouched down to take a photograph of Rabbanit Pilitz, the police immediately arrested her and the photographer. Rabbanit Pilitz, mother of nine and currently pregnant, was arrested for allegedly reading Psalms from her smartphone. The crouching photographer was arrested for allegedly prostrating on the Temple Mount.

Rabbinate Tzipora Pilitz can be seen in red. The photographer is crouching in front of her. (Photo credit: The Temple Institute)
Rabbinate Tzipora Pilitz can be seen in red. The photographer is crouching in front of her. (Photo credit: The Temple Institute)

Commenting on the arrest of these two Jews, the Temple Institute stated, “Neither reading Psalms nor prostrating oneself on the Temple Mount is illegal. In fact, both acts of Jewish worship are guaranteed by Israel’s laws pertaining to religious freedom. But the police are not bound by the law, and while sensitive to the religious needs of Muslims to spit insults at Jewish worshipers, the police exhibit no such sensitivity to Jews reciting the words of King David, or bowing silently to the King of kings. We send our eighteen year-old children to fight a cruel and perverse enemy yet a mother is forbidden by police from crying out to G-d in the holiest place on earth.”

Not only did the police arrest a pregnant woman on the Temple Mount, on August 14 the police struck again and arrested a young boy for the alleged crime of praying.  For good measure they also arrested another minor for photographing the event. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Minor being arrested on the Temple Mount (Photo credit: The Temple Institue)
Minors being arrested on the Temple Mount (Photo credit: The Temple Institue)

Meanwhile, some Arab children are involved in a different type of activity on the Temple Mount.  And of course, they are not arrested.

A Palestinian child wears a Hamas headband and aims a toy gun during a rally to support of Gaza, after Eid prayers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in Jerusalem’s Old City, on July 28, 2014. (Photo: Sliman Khader/Flash90)
A Palestinian child wears a Hamas headband and aims a toy gun during a rally in support of Gaza, after Eid prayers on July 28, 2014 (Photo: Sliman Khader/Flash90)

While the brave soldiers of the IDF are risking their lives protecting Israel from Hamas, the police on the Temple Mount are busy assuring Hamas the Temple Mount will remain in their hands.

The question is worth asking again, “Why bother ridding Gaza of Hamas, if Hamas is continually allowed to hold the Heart of Israel in its hands?”


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Camie Davis is a non-Jewish writer and advocate for Israel.
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