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The Temple Mount, what makes it so holy?

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was widely quoted as declaring the Temple Mount to be “the holiest site” for Jews, ever since the time of our patriarch Abraham”. Then in almost comic fashion, Mr. Netanyahu further declared that he will not allow Jewish prayer at this “holiest site”.

It would be nice to hear the Prime Minister explain to Israel and to the world exactly what makes the Temple Mount so holy. Perhaps he could ask his son, the international Bible quiz champ? Just what is it that makes Mt. Moriah the holiest place on earth for the Jewish people?

The only honest answer to our question is that the Temple Mount is holy because our Bible tells us that it is the place chosen by God as the permanent symbol of his presence among the nation of Israel and the ultimate place of worship for Jew and Gentile. At least that’s the Biblical and historical answer. I have no idea what the Bibi answer is, but I’d love to hear it.

If the Temple Mount is not holy as a place of worship, it is not holy at all. If it is holy as a place of worship, I must ask why Jews are forbidden to worship there.

Will it wreck our relations with Jordan and Egypt? If so, if we have placed placation of other nations ahead of our own rights in our own land then shouldn’t we just say so? Shouldn’t we just admit that Jewish worship at the Temple Mount has been forfeited forever?

If this is not the case, we must ask, “If not now, when?”. When will be a good time to allow Jewish prayer? Do we foresee a time in the near or distant future in which our neighbors will be agreeable to the idea?


And if our government has no intention of ever allowing Jewish worship on the Temple Mount, what the heck are we keeping it for?

How can our Prime Minister keep a straight face when he declares Jerusalem the united and eternal capitol of the Jewish people? How can we claim to have an eternal capitol when we’ve banished ourselves from the palace and placed another nation upon the very throne of God?

If not now, when? If the answer is never, then just say so and stop insulting us every year by puffing out your chest to Motta Gur’s “Har Habayit B’yadeinu!/The Temple Mount is in our hands!”

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