The time to stand up, is NOW!

Never again, means NEVER AGAIN! Our existence as Jews has been threatened once again, by countries, governments, terrorist organizations, and anti-semitic people from all around the world… In all of my 29 years, I don’t think I have ever experienced more hate than I have now, simply for being a Jew.

This is serious. And every Jew in the world needs to stand up against this hate now, because no one else will do it for us – and we may not get another chance if we let these people have their way.

We are in battle for our existence, and we are ALL soldiers. While our brave IDF soldiers fight to protect our country in Israel, we as Jews must also fight to protect our existence around the world. Not with violence, but with words. Not with guns, but with creativity and brains. We all have to stand up against this hate, and let our voices be heard! We must not stay silent. We must not hide. We must stick together, and be strong.

So I call on every Jew around the world, to stand up and speak out now! Use social media to help spread the truth, while exposing all the hate and propaganda being targeted against us. Confront the people spreading lies. Write letters to your government leaders, calling them to take serious actions against all the hate / threats being spewed in our own cities, and countries around the world. Attend every pro or anti Israel protest / rally in your area to represent our people, and show the world that we are here, and we are not going anywhere!

There are only about 15,000,000 of us in the world today… But we can achieve anything when we work together, and we must. If not for ourselves, for our children. For our children’s children… It is our duty to make this world a safe place for any future generation of Jews – and we CAN do it if we work together.

We are all soldiers. And we must fight for our existence… Let your voice be heard.

The time to stand up, is NOW!

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