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The tools that any small business must use in 2019

Our world is developing and advancing in an amazing pace, Industries and models of work are being restructured. As people of the “startup nation” we are given the infrastructure and possibilities to become early adopters, and use innovation to our advantage at work.

Our responsibility at MoneyPenny, as a company that is in charge of other companies’ administrative aspects, is to detect where we can make their work more effective. We present our clients with relevant innovative tools that can enable them to work more effectively and enhance growth.

What are the tools that can make your daily work smoother and more effective?
Here are a few of our favorites!

Chrome extensions that makes life easier
There are countless add-ons / extensions that brings great effective solutions with them.
Here are our top choices:

Communicating in English is an important skill in our global world. Grammarly is an extension that fixes spelling mistakes and grammar, and ultimately allows you to send emails and documents in correct English language and build your image as a professional.

This is an add-on that shows you extra information about your contacts if you are using Gmail. Every time you write a new email or receive an email from someone, you will see a window on the side of your screen with additional information about this particular person, such as their LinkedIn profile latest updates on Twitter, Facebook profile, additional email address if there is, and more.

Tuggl Button
This timer Chrome extension allows you to track your work time, and helps to increase productivity in a real time. It can be integrated to more than 100 popular tools such as project management software, CRM, inboxes and more.

Project management
In today’s world, working in teams is very common. Some teams work remotely – either from home or from different countries. Project management tools becoming more and more critical for teams to communicate accurately, deliver their work on time and reach their goals. If you haven’t tried those yet, here are a few of the more popular tools in the markets.


Video chats
Managers and teams replace meetings with video chats. It has different advantages: it saves the time of actually leaving the office and commuting to a meeting, allows a focused meeting in a specific time frame, yet still have some personal characteristics thanks to the video component. A few of the leading tools in the markets are:
join me

Your professional pages on social media and your website can and should work for you. The Bots communicate automatically and in a natural language. They answer people that approach you with relevant initial answers; they have an incredible marketing potential for your business. The bots become more and more popular and accessible for anyone. They’re always available and respond quickly and can move the user towards a certain action, based on your context. Facebook allows Bots, and there are different services that can add Bots in their sites.

Tools that manage your Schedule.
This is a tiny tool that saves so much of a hassle in communication, instead of emailing back and forth with someone to try and set a time for a meeting or a call, just define your availability in the system and send a link. That being said, when setting up important meetings / calls with seniors, I would go old fashion and give the right personal attention. Some popular tools are:
Acuity scheduling

Remote secretary services
With great respect to the new age automation and all the Innovation around us, there are still things that only humans can do in this day and age.

Tasks that needs critical thinking, broader understanding, paying attention to small details, nuances and the like. Many companies don’t need a full-time administrative manager these days, but someone who takes care of several core aspects of the business to allow for its smooth operation. Remote secretaries usually support the ongoing administration tasks, calendar aspect, management of leads and clients, finances, supporting marketing, HR and other related roles.

Some of the new world best effectivity tools can be found through outsourcing and automation. I recommend you start small, with a few specific tools and gradually get more and more on the table. Good luck

About the Author
I am the CEO of MoneyPenny - Virtual Assistance services. After 20 years of being a senior PA in the high-tech and corporate world I saw the transformation the workplace is going through and detected the need for professional secretaries in a part-time position. My company's vision is to support SME's and startups to achieve their goals and success.
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