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THE Top 10 most Common Questions of Summer Fun in 2014

I am thrilled that so many of us going out and enjoying the fabulous attractions all over Israel despite the difficult summer we have all experienced and continue to experience.

I thought these common questions and answers that have come via the popular Facebook Group for days out in Israel (many with a water theme) might help you all as we make the most of the last days of the summer holidays!

Keep safe and have Fun!!

  1. When do the Fountains come on at Teddy Kolleck Park?

The Teddy Kolleck Fountains come on at set times and sometimes don’t come on when you might expect.  In general the  actual park is open from 7:00-23:00 and is meant to run the water show for half an hour every 2 hours, at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 and at 20:00, 21:00, 22:00 with light and music too. Check their Facebook Page before you go in case of any changes! Bring costumes and be aware that there is little shade and it can be very hot.

2. Where are the fountains at Namal Tel Aviv (Port)?

They are right by Iceberg, behind McDonalds and for the summer, the Lego Festival is located right there so it should be easy to find.

3. What are this year’s well-advertised Summer Exhibits actually like?

There is no answer to this – everyone has a different opinion.  You can read the range of reviews here (Lamah? Lego, Artland, Dinosaurs are coming, Brain Exhibit) but in the end the key idea of these events is to take you out of your homes for a family friendly day out. They are often overpriced but there are discounts out there if you look for them and you might just have a lovely day out.

4. Is the water running at Gan B’Ivrit in Rishon Lezion?

The fountains were closed for most of the summer due to the situation but they have come on. We haveheard that occasionally the water is still off so don’t mention it to your children to avoid disappointment. Even without the water this is a great park especially for children under the age of 9. For more information you can check reviews and their Facebook page for updates.

5. Is the water running at Ramat Hasharon Park?

In 2013 this park was hugely popular but unfortunately a technical issue has meant that the water park of this park was not opened yet this year. The rest of the park has great recommendations however so it is still worth visiting if you are nearby.

6. What fun activities are there to do around Netanya area?

This article summarises local attractions. Netanya is so popular for its beautiful beaches and is well positioned for MANY activities both in the North and more center-based so the list is really endless. The fountains at Kikar Haatzmaut should definitely be included on any visit to Netanya as they are regularly on and provide free, cool fun for up to age 13 (according to the Netanya guidelines anyway).

7. Is there any water up North for Kayaking?

Due to low rainfall this year some tiyulim such as majrasa have significantly less water than others (although this is still a great water hike to do with young kids) and this has had an effect on some kayak places. Kfar Blum has been running as normal (albeit more shallow than previous years) and we have had reports that Rob Roy Kayak is also running as usual. Call them first to check

8.We are travelling up to the North – what can you recommend to do on the way?

This has been asked many times and there are so many favorites. If you look at the website you can also search easily for cities en route on the interactive map so you can find things to do. Some ideas are Emek Hefer – Dov Halavan, Hadera – Technoda, Zichron Yaakov Park or Tut Niyar, The Solar Garden in Binyamina, Ramat Hanadiv, Kfar Kedem in Hoshaya

9. Is it safe to come on holiday to Israel or to go on day’s out?

Sadly this Summer has challenged us all in this respect. No one wants to get caught on the road when a siren goes off mainly to protect our children from the situation. Only YOU can decide but just know that the general consensus is that we are carrying on as best we can. Certainly keep in mind whether places have a Miklat if it helps you feel safer, and it is recommended to avoid going South for these reasons but as long as you go along the Pikud Haoref guidelines and act sensibly you can still make the most of what is left of the Summer and go to most places.

10. Which Water Park is best?

Similar to the question regarding the Summer Events – everyone has a different experience or opinion. Overall there has not been any that anyone has said you should never go to. I recommend that you find the best deal you can (LoveLoveIsrael Cardholders get great deals-see and get up early before the crowds to make the most of your day. Bring food to avoid overpriced food at the places and don’t bring your favorite footwear in case it gets ‘lost’. Remember to check days on individual websites in case they are closed for private events or separate days you may or may not want.

Hope that helps!

Free free to comment below about your best outings this summer!



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